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Cannabutter vaped weed

Anyone ever made some cannabutter with triple vaped weed. I'm not a fan of edibles find them to stronge however weed that's been vaped 3 times may have a more mellow high? Pretty sure I did it years and years back when I had a volcano but since I got a new portable be wacking all the vaped weed in a jar and once I got enough gonna make some flap jacks. Anyone else had a go? Results ?

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iv come across members on here who make edibles with vaped weed....


here's a copy and paste from the "rosin thread" 


"Just thought I'd add my experience of using the pucks to make canna butter, I used about an ounce of pucks and a kilo of coconut butter, put it in the slow cooker on auto for 24 hours, then into a bowl and into the fridge to solidify and hey presto canna butter. Now I like edibles, I used to do a gram of bubble hash in a yoghurt to take the dog for a walk and enjoyed turning into Mr soft about an hour in so I thought il have a teaspoon see how she goes. Well it was about as stoned as Iv ever got, really struggled to function or think properly and ended up adding some chilli oil to it and using it as a muscle rub! My friend gave a small bit to his dad and ended up having to baby sit him for the night cos he was whiteying pretty hard, lethal bizzle that coconut puck butter I tells ya" :bangin:



this thread>>>

the copy and paste I done above is the 2nd reply on page 3

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