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Remo Chemo in DWC

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Started ten beans off....any one with experience of RDWC with these girls yet ?


Thank you





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I have 10 rolling also but my set ups a little left field with flavours of compost,hints of hydro and everything else in between. They live on a constantly brewing nute tea that's pumped around for them.


Here you go if you want to take a look 


Remo love H2O to the max so your kit will suit them well.


They're light feeders especially with bloom nutes where they burn if they see the bottle coming of the shelf so it's all about balance with them mate.


What nutes are you going to be using? this is my second Remo grow and I used Plagron last time with issues right from the start but the smoke was still of the charts hit wise.


This time I'm using the Guanokalong range and they love it, all of the range can be used in any grow set up and I've had zero issues from them with great growth and trich production to,well worth a look if your still considering things.


It's a beaut' of a smoke,shout if you want to mate.



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Thank you very much....I had read your post on remo already, as well as your fantastic grow diary.


I am in remission, but had an aggressive t cell lymphoma stage 4b ...I was given six months to live 2 years ago...the power of herb is real!


Hence 'remo chemo' seemed appropriate :hippy:


I will watch out for 'helmet' problems you described over the next few days.....I have tails already :smokin:


I have also damaged many beans trying to get the bloody casings off . 


Must big up dinafem so far....normally only use UGORG and DNA genetics but ordered from them twice now and i am very satisfied with what I have received.


Locked out my HGKush cause I was a bit to loose with the feed bottles so will be extra careful with remo chemo this time as the HGK is a very heavy feeder anyway.


Was gonna go for a plant magic package this time as I have used pretty much everything else on offer..... from Canadian express, canna, house and garden (was a fave for a while but they changed the shooting powder)miracle grow, ionic.  

A very wise grower once said to me 'get your conditions perfect before you worry about nutrients too much...they won't make a great deal of difference till conditions are perfect'....I kinda see where he was coming from....the plants won't gorge until everything is spot on.


I love the guanokalong and always use the flavour enhancer in my hydro or with super thrive to revive cuttings if they get a bit sad....never used the rest as never done soil.


Im old school so I use a is grostar with a 600 in it instead of the LED's....i like the idea but have yet to be convinced i can get the same yeild....you dont get something for nothing in this life.


What kinda stretch am I looking at as space can be problematic for me ?


Nice one 



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Hello my friend. Welcome to the Dinafem support forum on UK420  :)


Well this should be fun. Remo Chemo in nft :)


Great to read that you are battling this disease and by the sound of things you are winning :yep:


Do you mind if I ask?


Have you experienced with only high THC strains? 


Or have you also used high CBD strains/products?


I only ask as the medical side of cannabis is very dear to my heart and we would like to sponsor your next Dinafem or HSO adventure? 


Would this be a possibility? 


Also why not get a diary up in the 2017-18 section where you will have all UK420 members support + your diary will automatically be entered in the best 2017-18 grow thread competition  :yep:


Will be looking out to see how Remo Chemo performs from you and best if luck with this grow from all at Dinafem  :)


All the best 





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Hello Mark


Thank you for your heartwarming reply...May I thank you for your companies service so far which has been excellent. I would recommend buying seeds from your company to everyone.

Spain to my front door in 24hrs and 100% germination rate so far (HGK and Remo)....was a little disappointed the remo beans were so small....but great things in small packages and all that.


8 have survived my attempts to remove the seed casings as i am a heavy handed oaf....one sprouted out leaves first, leaving the tap root behind in the shell..I assumed this was the work of the devil and destroyed it immediately :unsure:...I will let you know about progress as im just about to split some root riot cubes to place them in and then will use a soft band to hold it back together. I will then select the best four from these after a spell under the old T5.  These will go under a 600 MH before a 600 sodium.  I need to re-arrange my system to incorporate the chiller so will set up a grow diary when I can....I want a cream of the crop award this year....I have had a few grows I think might have had a chance with and I have some innovations to make.....blowing my own trumpet and all that. :wanker: :oldtoker:


I have a 4 pot alien xl RDWC system i was talked into getting when i was still able to work and feeling flush lol......I have adapted it over the years making little changes here and there.

I have been doing hobby/small scale set ups for 15 years now on and off...had to stop for a few years as it was not practical in the old house but I have moved and Im back on the case now.  Im well enough and in the process of trying to update my ancient equipment to catch up with you youths and your new fangled ideas. lol


I have grown probably 12 different Barneys Farm strains, killer skunk and blues UGORG, DNA genetics (Chocolope and HGK are beautiful plants if you get the right phenotype) but they are always huge girls and I just give up with them (i aint got the room for them as much as i kid myself I can control them) and a clone only I had the fortune to come across in my travels. I have experience with coco, ebb and flood and aeroponics. Never done a dinafem but your reputation proceeds you and my mrs said it was a sign when she spotted the name :doctor:


This is a labour of love for me and I was a recreational smoker.  It has now become (in my opinion) a medical requirement that is against my human rights to deny.  I will not make any apologies for this and believe I have the basic human right to save myself from death! (rant over lol)


I'm experimenting with using a ceramic airstone in the return from the water pump to create a venturi effect after watching this video

'Carbon ceramic airstones in water flow to create nano bubbles'


I contacted the guy in Japan a few years back (took a long time to get hold of him) and he sent me notes on how to make one from balsa wood as it has to be carbon cause the nanotubes create the nano bubbles (it involved baking it in a vacuum oven.... like i have one of those just laying around) but wouldn't make me one no matter how much I offered him :wallbash:

Badbillybob has had similar ideas to me in designing cheap and effective  RDWC systems and I will probably make the next one as I thought he wrote a fantastic article on the subject. (That and the alien pro systems are a grand each :furious:)


When diagnosed I used a full extract oil that I had to purchase from a disreputable source as I wasn't ready to make my own medicine at the time.  I used this for two months alongside my chemo whilst I set up my new project (I would have continued the oil but the cost was crippling me and my family, in turn depressing me....my mrs was selling everything to get the money).

I would smoke any cannabis I could lay may hands on after chemo...When I couldn't afford to it would result in me being violently sick and in agony for 3 days.....not eating for 7.

I did a video for facebook to promote medical cannabis. I didn't have any on purpose after a chemo session to highlight the effects then smoked some to show the difference but it was extremely graphic and my kids are on facebook so I left it.


With a high THC strain I will be raiding the fridge and drinking within hours of chemo and not really noticing that I had just had R-CHOP chemo and poisoned my whole body (full doses)

During this time I lost no weight at all....My haematologist was amazed and wanted to know how I could do this undergoing intensive chemotherapy and having an incredibly rare aggressive peripheral t-cell stage 4b lymphoma (1 in a 1000)...my whole body was literally riddled with tumours and my spleen and liver were just tumours. 


She didn't like my response.


I have massive nerve damage in my feet and hands from the vincristine and I am now registered disabled.  I have a full time career as I cant walk properly and cant take showers on my own anymore....cannabis means I can have some of my dignity and manhood back as it allows me to help myself more.


After I had BEAM-R treatment (chemo times a thousand) I was told I would be in isolation in hospital for 2-3 months after my stem cell re infusion.  I had to sign a special form to confirm I would not use my medicine during this time.

I smoked when I could (I couldn't afford the full oil) which wasn't enough. anti sickness drugs are damaging...eating oil isn't!!!!!

I was released from hospital in record time for BEAM-R treatment.....17 days!!!!!!

I was still very neutropenic at this stage so very very unwell, my bloods were 0.5.

I went home and proceeded to consume a diet of greens and liver most nights and ditched all anti sickness drugs in favour of my 'medicine' which allowed me to eat said iron rich foods in great quantities.  

Another side effect of my medicine (gross alert) was the effect it had on my stomach and intestines. I can only describe it as the oil i managed to get 'restarted' my insides and made my stomach start working again.

When tested a few weeks later my bloods had recovered at a stupid rate and they couldn't understand how I could have recovered so quick without painful stomach injections that raised blood counts.

Again...the NHS doesn't like new thinking about medicines....they didn't like my method of recovery however successful it was and no matter how much proven evidence I showed them (I have a lot of time on my hands to read)

I am now in full remission and have been for four months. I am hoping to produce my own full extract oil to prevent the secondary cancer I will get from the BEAM-R treatment.

My 'medicine' means i don't take benzodiazepines, pregablin or morphine as prescribed to me and allows me to function on a human level

I dont need to tell you the danger of taking the aforementioned poisonous,mentally damaging and extremely addictive drugs as opposed to being a little red eyed.


I would very much welcome you to use my experiences to educate others in the medical benefits of cannabis....The most distressing part of the whole thing wasn't being told I had six months to live....It wasn't being told that the BEAM R could kill me and only had a 10% chance of working....it wasn't having to tell my children.

The worst thing was when i was in hospital.  Watching children dying, suffering the worst effects of chemo poisoning, knowing full well there is a plant that could stop it or at the very least help.....yet I could say nothing and do nothing while I continued to use a medicine to recover because i refused to lie down and die...our government is torturing our children for big pharma money!

Sorry about the essay...but i couldn't stop once I started....having some HGK while writing it had nothing to do with me rambling of course :skin_up::skin_up:

As for sponsorship....I would be very grateful for any help or advice you could offer me and I thank you in advance


Kind regards












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My very first introduction to cannabis forums was for a Canadian company and it was 100% medically driven so my heart lies with the medical cannabis community. 


I'm so glad that you are happy with our genetics and service. We do try our best and so far the feedback is very positive  :bong:


I've just read through your thread in the indoor Dinafem section and really looking forward to seeing what you can do with our genetics  :)


Now this should be a blast :yep:


All the best 



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Wow, Ken, that's quite a post. Musyt have been really distressing to see the kids being flattened by chemo.

I'm glad you are in remission and that things are more positive for you now, but it sounds like you've been through the wringer.


The Alien is a great system, I used to run one (before the cops stole it)  a 4 pot XL like yours, with big air pumps a 60 and a 80 litre per minute one. and 2 or 3 stones per pot.

It produced some great results. A friend has a 4 pot XL with Norres diffusers in each pot. Its a bit too much, but I'm tempted to buy it off him, if I ever come into any money 

I'm building a new system this week, in anticipation of some beans from Dinafem (new purple moby and purps#1. 

I am seriously considering ditching the air stones all together with this and just running a waterfall system, but I change my mind by the hour lol. Ive not decided on whether to do a 2 pot or a 4 pot system. 


Anyway well done on getting them germed, it all up from here mate. 

out of interest, what do you do with the beans between sprouting and putting in the system? I'm just curious.

good luck with them, hope you get shit loads of fat sticky buds.


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I was thinking like your friend and it is an addition I would like to make.....i wanted to add the diffusers to the system and would very much welcome your thoughts on how effective they are as opposed to the airstones.


I found a number of websites that do the 'PR02 AIR Membrane Disc Diffuser' and was toying with idea of fixing them to the bottom of the bucket....need to measure is tho as its 32 cm across....not on this build maybe on the next  http://www.hiblow.co.uk/product/pr02-air-membrane-disc-diffuser/


I search for the holy grail of dissolved oxygen in the pots....your waterfall system is simple and very effective.....genius.....I will need new bins for this tho as I wouldn't have the room to implement this on the alien.


I brought a load of leaky pipe for this adventure (instead of air stones -I put 2.5m each into pot) as paper is starting to wear thin and my forced venturi/airstone ripoff cant be realised till the postman winds his neck in. I put two airstones in the main pot as well, using two separate pumps that really badly need updating/servicing.


I popped the beans and left them on a warm plate with wet paper till they were around 2inches long....took the helmet off and split root riot cubes (normally use rock wool cylinders for this) placing them gently inside and using an iccle rubber band to hold them back together....I have then transferred them to the oldest x -stream prop u have ever seen  :oldtoker: :oldtoker: 


(stupidly didnt bother to clean it and as it hasn't been used in years it sprayed shit all over my new girls bottoms......cleaning up quick and trying to de chlorine water as I type)


I have cut another x stream tray i have to take 4# - 100mm net pots.....I will put the best four girls in the net pots with Hydroloca and put them back in the prop.  I won't put the pump on till i see a root poking out the bottom....I hand water till this happens.


The second they look like they can reach the water and  take the 600MH at 1.2m away they go in under high dome plastic things. Co2 bags at the ready. I will trim roots if necessary to promote hairiness lol.


Got one of them ram humidifiers this time as well and so far Im impressed for the paper. 


Thank you for reply and I look forward to your thoughts





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Same thing if I clone .....will just wait to see which cuttings win the hairy race in the x-stream and then bang them in them 100mm nets and back in the prop.


I have done it with no rock wool and used the prop like u r supposed to but find its easier to have them in something while there so weak. 

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 notI'm surprised they don't dampen off in the x stream if they are in rockwool, but if it works for you then fair doos.

I also use one, well my DIY version, but its exactly the same, just cheaper lol..

I used to put them in root it cubes, then into a small propagator tray, filled with perlite, the roots would then come out of the cube and spread thru the perlite, at which point I would remove them and transplant into the net pots. I also thought about using a party cup, filled with perlite, with a drain hole to the bottom, and let the roots grow a bit before going into the system


On the subject of diffusers, I think the normal airstones work fine, and if I'm honest, I never noticed any discernible difference between using the 60l/min air pump and using the 140l/ min pumps. I did buy some cheaper pond diffusers, but they never worked well at all. The norres diffusers in my mates system are a bit too much, and I am convinced that they were damaging the root ends, but ive heard of people putting the roots into a cheap pair of tights to prevent this. Dooing this will effectively reduce the surface area of nutrient available to the roots, so I would not do it. The norres ones are also a bitch to clean, and bloody expensive. I wouldn't bother to be honest, its a lot of cash for little or no improvement in my honest opinion. I just buy stones from Alien and will use 2 per pot.

I also ditch my airstones after 3 grows, and bleach them after every adventure. I just use cheapos from ALien.


like I said I'm building a system this week, and am sorely tempted to go with a simple waterfall system, like in my build thread, there is a 2 pot system which I just used Y pieces into the pots. It worked. If I do a 2 pot system I will use this, if its a 4 potter I will do spray bars.  I never really noticed any improvement with the spray bars, but will probably use them, as the really useful boxes are drilled for the 2 rail sprayers. This time tho I will do less holes in the spray bar, but bigger diameter, in the hope it will penetrate further into the water, increasing dISSOLVED Oxygen. Well its worth a try, and if it doesn't work a spray bar is easily replaced. I like to experiment with these things, some work, some don't,  but if you just stick with one thing, I think I might be missing out on huge improvemnts (probably not, but, well, you know.......).

I tried the Co2 bags , but they made zero difference for me, and lets face it, they wont work as the Co2 produced by them, if any will simply disappear out your extract fan.


Remember and post some pics for us when they are up and running.


If you are looking into waterfalls, check out youtube, search for "Sqydro s V3 grow show", hes well clued up and got a lot of information from Heath Robinson and Billy Liar, back in the breedbay days. Its an old vid, but if you see it, you will not doubt that it works, colas like 2 litre coke bottles

Edited by badbillybob
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Thanks badbillybob......You have saved me from making 300 pound mistake....will stick with stones and line and maybe get one of them diaphragm kits to repair what i have instead of throwing it out.


Ive got the bit between me teeth now and my enthusiasm back for a DIY project incorporating all the best bits.


Fed up with pipe everywhere and putting the chiller in took all day so I can see the old Alien finding the back door after this.....she has been a joy and an absolute twat in equal measure.


Hand watering coco was so easy and the ebb flood tables run themselves. 


Didnt find the exact video yet but the search alone brings up some really sweet DIY systems....never had the time before.....got lots of it now I hope so mans gonna go all bob the builder on it.







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here you go Ken, 


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nice......thats a beautiful set up....the results speak for themselves 


Is it wrong to admit the roots gave me semi ?



Edited by zen-ken
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here you go Ken, 



no Ken, its perfectly normal.


This system is about as simple as it gets, - just a couple of buckets, a water pump, some hose and some fittings. No spray bars, no air stones, no air pump, -  simples, and less to go wrong.

Ive been looking at videos of air lifts and venturies tonight. 

Surprised no one has incorporated a venture into a RDWC. I might give it a shot, its like a free air pump

I think I'm a bit obsessed with these systems to be honest, but it keeps me out of trouble. I'm back to the build tomorrow. 



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This is what started me off .....like i said in another post....I even contacted the guy who did the research and he sent me notes on how to make one.....electrolysis cant be an option in nutrients surely as it would fuck things up right ??  But this nano bubble shit got me hard......the surface area of the bubbles is massive and they stay in the water for ever

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