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Best Portable Vape

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@golf.007 thanks fior the candid answer.... I think you really got what I wanted to know.... looks like vaping isn't gonna be the joint replacement device that I hoped it might be.


BUT.... you said 'most' and 'portables'....... so is there a home unit that will get me where I want to be.....?

bear in mind I dunno if I can deal with sucking from a plastic bag, and I am not big on concentrates just yet....

BHO and QUISO sound great but dangerous.... and expensive purge eqpt etc.

then roisin looks lovely, all that goo squeezing out, but again, the equipment etc. and someone said something adverse about having to use temperature to extract as it will get rid of some of the terps.... 

and someone elso went on about how you have to use it qiuck as it oxidises???

I'd prefer to have something that does the whole bud.


I'm guessing you're gonna say Flowerpot, Volcano or VapeXhale..... but what about the Mighty, Plenty and possibly the Fierce  (if they ever stop moving the release date forwards) as handhelds?

I'm also guessing that a unit with a bigger chamber and a mix of convection and conduction is perhaps gonna get the speed of extraction up to a high level?


Thanks for taking the time Bro... much appreciated!


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Have a look at the Vapcap, it's the nearest vape to smoking a joint that I've found. It is also tiny, indestructible and fairly cheap

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1 hour ago, Mr blue said:

Have a look at the Vapcap, it's the nearest vape to smoking a joint that I've found. It is also tiny, indestructible and fairly cheap


I'll second that... Love my dynavap. It's the only vape that has stopped me smoking Js

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i have a dynavap too, i like it, very robust and all you need is a lighter, is easy to fill too. As someone else said, you can adjust the temp by how long you hold the flame to the vapcap, with oil i smear it on the inner edge of the bowl and then heat it for about 2-3 seconds extra, that works nice.

I have a cloud evo and that is reliable and solid, but for out and about the dynavap is smart.

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