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Arnold Layne

PFNC: Official Warning re Monsanto

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if you haven't seen it you'll love this..


controll? its already happening/has happened


The Mysterious Mr. Watson

by Steven Hager


He was called Sam the Skunkman when I first met him, which was in Amsterdam.


Craig Copetus was the first to write about Nevil’s Seed Bank operation in Holland. Nevil was a recovering heroin addict who had obtained a government grant to start a seed business as part of his recuperation. Prior to that he’d been making hash oil with petroleum ether and had barely survived an explosion.


Nevil was a pioneer in altered states of consciousness who just happened to have a serious interest in breeding.


Anyway, even though Nevil took out an ad in High Times, I didn’t pay attention to the Seed Bank until Craig’s story was published in a Washington DC magazine.


So I went off to Holland to meet Nevil, and was way-laid by Sam the Skunk man and Robert Connell Clarke immediately after that meeting happened. They wanted to give me their spin on Nevil’s operation, and the quality of Dutch homegrown versus Cali homegrown, which was vast.


They also let me know they’d reaped a fortune selling seeds to Nevil. Now certain disinfo agents spread the story Sam ordered me to start the Cannabis Cup so the DEA could survey growers? Truth is, Sam had no idea I’d be inventing the Cannabis Cup later that year, as I didn’t even get the idea until I was on the plane home.


Did Sam’s stories of the Santa Cruz harvest festivals of the 1970s influence me? Of course. But Sam never presented himself as a major player in those harvest festivals, or even the boss of Sacred Seeds, or the breeder of Skunk #1, which was his primary strain.


The story I got was Skunk #1 popped up unexpectedly and everybody loved it, and it won some early harvest festivals. Which is pretty much the story you get about most of the really famous strains.


When I returned to Holland for the first Cannabis Cup months later, Sam was there to greet me. He wasn’t sure he wanted Cultivator’s Choice, the name of his new Seed Company, to enter the first Cannabis Cup, which so far consisted of Nevil’s Seed Bank and Ben Dronkers’ Sensi Seeds.


As I recall the Sensi Seed strains were all freshly harvested and we couldn’t smoke them without running the samples through a microwave. It would take another year for many to catch on to the importance of curing, and keep in mind some people in the industry weren’t even stoners.


Nevil didn’t care whether he won, or whether Skunk #1 won, because he had both Skunk #1 and Northern Lights. The final decision was not Dave Watson’s, but something entirely decided by grow guru Bram Frank and I because we liked the taste. The only other judge was the photographer Jiffy Schnack, who preferred Northern Lights.


Nevil at the time was into dry sift made from Haze, which he kept to himself, while Sam and Robert were smoking full-melt Skunk #1, and were giddy about the way it turned to liquid when they hit it with a flame. This was all new to me.


A few years later, Arjan of the Greenhouse showed me a report by Mario Lap indicating Sam was really Dave Watson, who’d been busted in Santa Cruz one month before arriving in Amsterdam. And he’d supposedly arrived in Amsterdam with hundreds of thousands of seeds for sale one month after his bust.


After selling the seeds to Nevil, who was making a fortune at the time in cash sales, Watson got the only license to study medicinal cannabis in Holland. It sure looked like Watson was secretly working with the DEA, and those operations might include tracking the ID’s of all the strains of the world and documenting the growers and dealers distributing them.


I don’t know if this database was real, or, if so, if it is still being pursued, but Mario claimed Watson had written a profile on the situation in Australia that named many growers and dealers.


I would not be surprised if Watson is a spook, and I can guarantee the world of illegal drugs is filled with spooks in all possible nooks and crannies.


He went on to co-found Hortapham, which made the deal with GW Pharma, which made the bigger, better deal with Bayer, the powerhouse in European medicine. Surely you realize big money is an Octopus that pulls strings everywhere it goes?


But on the other hand, I notice some trolls twisting this tale and inventing details, like Watson “ordered” me to create the Cannabis Cup so he could use the event to gather intelligence. Under that theory, you can basically end all harvest festivals or gatherings of any sort because radical conferences are always milked for intel.


I started the event to create a standard for cannabis seeds, and that’s exactly what happened. What Watson represented was the arrival of the West Coast hybrids into Europe.


I sure would like to interview Nevil and get his side of the story. Apparently, he became a Koi breeder for a while, and now resides in Perth.


Meanwhile all the paranoia about Watson tracking the DNA of every cannabis strain worldwide so growers everywhere would be busted is about to evaporate, isn’t it? Even if they have a list in the works for the last twenty years, it won’t be much good in two or three years when cannabis becomes legal everywhere


Did you see the poll in Time today? Seventy-five percent of the country thinks cannabis will be legal very soon.

I’d say we’re on the downside of the tipping point.




Hemp Guy (aka sam/watson)

JULY 7, 2014 AT 8:19 AM


“I would not be surprised if Watson is a spook”

Gee wizz Steve I though you were above this kind of crap, you would not be surprised if I was a spook?
A spook that started the worlds very first seed comapany, has worked for Cannabis legalization for 50 years, tax and regulate has been my mantra, for decades, not to mention my work bringing Cannabis back into mainsteram medicine, as well as all the work I did for industrial hemp to bring it back into the mainstream as well as help get hemp cultivation legalized in half a dozen countries. Also my close relationship with RCC, do you also think he is a spook? Ridiculous…..
Ask Todd about me and RCC, it is sad you think this.
How would you feel if I started telling everyone that I think you and High Times were running
lacky dogs of the DEA or some other spook organization, and was now using your Abakus journal as a vehicle to collect info on the Colorado Cannabis scene?
I do not believe it in the slighest, but how would you feel? Get the idea????
Our biggest enemy for decades has been the DEA and LEO’s in general, now with Cannabis changeing and the succsess the whole scene has changed, now we are all staking out little or big corners and many are attacking each other, what a shame.


Steven Hager

JULY 14, 2014 AT 7:20 AM


No I am not surprised by the idea that spooks inhabit the world of drugs. They do. A spook is just someone with a hidden master. There is nothing new here, and all I am doing is clearing the air of charges I worked with Watson to deceive people. I did not. I guess you are Watson, although you don’t fly with your own real name for some reason. I always fly my real name and have zero to conceal. My life has been an open book for 40 years. I don’t view you as an activist Dave, I view you as a businessman who has done an amazing job of capturing profits in this arena. Were you busted in Santa Cruz? And did you appear in Holland quickly after the bust? This is not new info, but to my knowledge you’ve never responded to any of this. People wonder why reputable hospitals and doctors in Holland were ignored, while you jumped to the head of the line and got the DEA license in Holland. How was that accomplished? If you read the blog, you see I dismiss the allegations against you as meaningless now that cannabis is becoming legal. Why my beliefs in spooks inhabiting the world of illegal substances is unsettling to you I have no idea, but surely you realize nothing here in any way attacks you, only points out how mysterious this all looks from my perspective. This post was an attempt to put my side of the story in public prior to the books being released by Joe Petrie and others, books that are not entirely correct. How would I feel if you accused High Times of being a DEA lackey? I’d feel nothing, I would only look at your evidence as I would any evidence and consider its authenticity. High Times fired me. I have nothing to do with High Times and never will again. But then, I didn’t call you a spook, only that I would not be surprised if you were. Not all is transparent, especially when it comes to drugs and money. Perhaps someday the full story will appear.


I did not call you a spook, but it might be worth noting some standard spook-style ops for dealing with targets.
1) Straw man.
2) Rabbit hole
3) Attack the messenger.
I think your response covered all the bases, strangely enough. What about RCC? Why drag him into this discussion at all if not as a diversionary straw man rabbit hole? I look forward to a long and fruitful dialogue with you and hopefully Nevil will be chiming in soon.



Jackie Woerlee

JULY 15, 2014 AT 4:23 PM


And seed/strain degeneration has been the game ever since. You are allowed to play along and fatten your wallet as long if you disinform and sell degenerated seed to the general public. And now decennia later all we see in downtown Amsterdam is auto flower and feminised crap.A lot of the indecent coffeeshops have disappeared ,the wares on offer mostly expensive and unripe poor quality. Bigger shops don’t care, more business for them. The repression here is worse then ever Propaganda and misinformation has been very successful in the NL. What a perfect testing ground… They really believe here now that cannabis nowadays is much stronger….! Not many people around here left that know that not to be true. And not a care for the plight and needs of the Dutch patient either. No it’s all about pushing shit in lala land..






Who is the real King of Cannabis?

And was Operation Green Merchant designed to steal Nevil’s throne?

by Steven Hager


There seems to be some sort of ongoing disinfo op to minimize the essential role of Nevil’s Seed Bank in establishing the core genetics employed around the world today.


I have to wonder where Nevil would be today had it not been for Operation Green Merchant, a New Orleans-centered op wherein a prosecutor claimed the Cannabis Cup I created was a front for seed distribution, and by buying ads in High Times, Nevil was shuffling his illegal profits to the magazine. In the media, Operation Green Merchant was played as an attack on High Times magazine, but in hindsight, I suspect Nevil was the target, simply because he ended up neutralized, leaving the door open for Michael Taylor and Dave Watson.


If you want to get the necessary background, check my previous blog: “The Mysterious Mr. Watson,” and be sure and read all the comments.


But to summarize: There’s a disinfo meme Watson used me as a tool to create the Cannabis Cup so the DEA could bust people. I won’t mention the name of the person pushing this theory, except to say it’s standard spook practice to wrap jewels of knowledge inside easily-disproved fabrications, a magic trick that puts a mirror on top of what should be a picture window.


But in trying to disentangle myself from this meme, I became a tar baby for the theory first vocalized online by Shantibaba (of Mr. Nice Seeds), who suggested Taylor and Watson could be spooks, a theory he’d picked up from Nevil.


Although the comment was made somewhat innocently in an Italian Internet forum, Nevil had already put respected Dutch journalist Mario Lap into action, providing him with some documentation and pretty soon Lap had marshaled evidence that supported Nevil’s suspicions. And Lap made enough noise Watson soon lost his legal grow op for a time because the Dutch don’t like American spooks playing in their backyard.


When Watson first arrived in the mid-1980s, he’d joined forces with Wernard Bruining, who’d founded the first coffeeshop Mellow Yellow (after the Donovan song) in 1972. However, Bruining became alarmed by the scale of Watson and Taylor’s mission for world cannabis domination, and soon withdrew from the team. Around this time all Mellow Yellow grow ops got busted and these were the first indoor grow busts in Holland’s history.


I’m not connecting any dots, I just find it interesting someone is trying to use me as the mirror to shield Watson. But that original blog I wrote is taking on a life of it’s own, and has already drawn comments from Watson and Reeferman, once partners on a plan to wrest control of the Mexican weed market. Good thing Watson didn’t join that mission as originally planned, because that massive grow op went down as well, and Reeferman was apparently the only one who walked out alive.


I realize Watson has a booster team supporting his role in documenting and assembling important cannabis strains, and he rewards them with his marvelous hash, but I couldn’t help but notice an illuminating comment made by Nevil online a few years ago:


“It would have been about ’95, but I’m terrible with dates, but I was working at the Castle for Ben and they came to see me. They wanted to enlist my help in delineating the ancestries of the strains that I had put out. Ben still wasn’t selling anything that I hadn’t made (to the best of my knowledge). I found this to be a remarkable request for a number of reasons. I asked them why? What followed rocked my world.


They told me that they were cooperating with the Australian Federal Police, who wanted to establish links between growing operation in Australia using genetic fingerprinting and the information I was to provide. This would lead to longer prison sentences. I’d recently done 11 months in maximum security remand in Australia and alarm bells are going off in my head like crazy. But I can be cool under pressure and decided to draw them out. They knew I had children in Australia and couldn’t go and see them.


The suggestion was raised that cooperating might help my chances to be able to go back. They thought they had me. I said that I needed time to consider this proposal and needed some kind of documentary proof that they were genuine. No problem, I was told. On a later visit I was provided with documents from the Australian Federal Police demonstrating that this and much more was indeed the case. I said that I wished to show these documents to a legal adviser before making any decisions and was given their permission to do so.


I went to Mario Lap, who used to work for the N.I.A.D. (Dutch institute for alcohol and drugs) and was an adviser to the Dutch Labor Party on cannabis affairs. He has a good paralegal mind and is well acquainted with law as it relates to cannabis. He was horrified as to the implications of those documents and didn’t particularly like American spooks operating in his back yard. He made further inquiries with the various Dutch ministries as to who these people were and who they were connected with and how they got their permits for Hortapharm.


Mario is on record as to what he concluded and how that lead to their losing the Hortapharm license, My repeating it would only be hearsay. He may still have the original documents. Some time later when Hortapharm had lost their license and the Dutch law had been changed and seed breeding was illegal in Holland, we were all fairly bitter. Sam wanted a showdown which Arjan ended up organizing. Sam, Rob, Arjan and I met in a coffee shop. I don’t think Scott [Shantibaba] was there. They accused me of bringing down Hortapharm and I accused them of destroying the Dutch scene in order to get a monopoly. They came with their rationalizations the end justifying the means etc, but neither of us denied anything much. Nothing was achieved and we never saw each other again.” —N.


What do you think would happen to the world cannabis seed market if Nevil ever restarted his original Seed Bank in Australia and began shipping seeds globally wherever cannabis is legal? I’m hoping someday he takes on this mission and wrests back a dominant share of the seed marketplace, the one he’d captured before George Soros and his agents around the world were put in place, seemingly to manifest genetically-modified cannabis patented by Monsanto, because that’s the direction they seem to be headed in.


Soros is funding the marijuana movement on many levels, as well as a big chunk of the alternative media.


And in closing this blog,

I’m reminded of another suspicious piece of evidence. A reporter in Australia recently wrote an article on Nevil’s planned re-emergence, and was able to locate the key snitch who informed on Nevil to bring him down, and it turned out to be someone who worked for Nevil for four years, who owns a cannabis fertilizer company today and claims to have grown all the early Cup winners with his hydro solutions. In fact, he is likely taking credit for Nevil’s formulas, after snitching him out to the Feds. And nobody seems to notice, least of all the crackpot trying to use me as a mirror, who promotes the snitch’s product line.


And speaking of stealing credit, this awakens the long-slumbering memory of Nevil showing me how to make waterhash in his kitchen in the Castle in the early 1990s. The water coming from his tap was a micro degree above freezing and he put ground buds in a jar, filled it with tap water, and the resin floated to the bottom. No need for any patents or silkscreens. Funny how Nevil’s satori moment got turned into everyone else’s idea but Nevil’s.


So when people ask me who is the real King of Cannabis, I have to tell the truth: the title moves around depending on who has the center of gravity on cannabis seeds at any given moment in history. But Nevil was the first to establish the crown in our lifetimes. And as a past champion, he will always retain the possibility of a comeback. In fact, I’ll lace up the gloves for that mission if it means unseating Monsanto.







The Connection Between The Legalization Of Marijuana In Uruguay, Monsanto And George Soros

By William Engdahl



This year, Uruguay, after a vote by the Parliament became the first country in the world to legalize the cultivation, sale and consumption of marijuana.


Cannabis users can buy a maximum of 40 grams per month, provided they are Uruguayan citizens of at least 18 years old and registered in a public database. Their consumption is monitored by means of the quantity they buy per month in specially licensed pharmacies. Less well known is what the seed and genetic engineering giant Monsanto is doing to develop patented cannabis plants, and what has been the role of billionaire speculator George Soros.


Citizens of Uruguay may in the future every year grow six marijuana plants in their garden or in their home. These plants yield approximately 480 grams. They can also become a member of clubs, which may grow up to 99 plants per year.


The step of the President goes back to the billionaire speculator George Soros.


Less is known that Monsanto is already quietly at work to patent a genetically modified cannabis plant in Uruguay.



The role of George Soros

The U.S. billionaire speculator George Soros and the non-governmental organization whose board he belongs to, have played a pivotal role in that marijuana has been legalized in Uruguay.


Apparently it’s part of a much larger global project. Soros sits on the board of the New York-based Drug Policy Alliance [DPA Drug Policy Alliance], the world’s most influential organization for legalization.

His Open Society Foundation is listed as a major financial supporter. In the most recent Annual Report of 2013, the chairman of the Drug Policy Alliance boasted : “In Uruguay we played a crucial role, as we helped a public education campaign to coordinate.


There was a close collaboration with government officials, activists, journalists and others, including President José Mujica whom I met with personally. ”In fact, the President had privately in New York met with Soros, just before he was able to win the Senate for approval of the legalization law proposed by him.


Soros and the DPA are active in Uruguay and other Latin American countries.


His Open Society invested $ 34 million last year,, of which nearly 3.5 million for the legalization of marijuana. In Uruguay, they funded the organization Regulación Responsable or “Responsible Control” that advertised with a nationwide campaign on television. Needless to say they were successfull.


Soros is also an important shareholder of Monsanto, the world’s largest producer of genetically modified seeds. And here it gets interesting.



Monsanto and Gencannabis?

Studies show that Monsanto without much fanfare conducts research projects on the active ingredient in marijuana, namely THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), in order to genetically manipulate the plant.


David Watson of the Dutch company Hortapharm has since 1990 created the world’s largest collection of Cannabis seed varieties. In 1998, the British firm GW Pharmaceuticals signed an agreement with Hortapharm that gives GW Pharma the rights to use the Hortapharm cannabis for their research.


In 2003 the German Bayer AG then signed an agreement with GW Pharmaceuticals for joint research on a cannabis-based extract.


In 2007, Bayer AG agreed to an exchange of technology with … Monsanto, both according to exchange the results of their research.


Thus Monsanto has discreet access to the work of the cannabis plant and its genetic modification.


In 2009 GW Pharmaceuticals announced that it had succeeded in genetically altering a cannabis plant and patented a new breed of cannabis .


Since the cultivation of cannabis plants in Uruguay is allowed, one can easily imagine that Monsanto sees a huge new market that the Group is able to control just with patented cannabis seeds such as today is happening on the market for soybeans.


Uruguay’s President Mujica has made it clear he wants a unique genetic code for cannabis in his country in order to “keep the black market under control.”


Genetically modified cannabis seeds from Monsanto would grant such control.


For decades Monsanto has been growing gene-soybean and GM maize in Uruguay too. George Soros is co-owner of agribusinesses Adecoagro, that planted genetically modified soybeans and sunflowers for biofuel.


Apparently for the powerful interests behind the legalization of marijuana in Uruguay it is about far more than they let us know.









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