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First Coco Grow- General Hydroponics FloraNova - Additives???!

So I've just started this coco grow of RQS Critical and I'm going to be using General Hydroponics FloraNova one part nutes.  My question is will I benefit from adding rooting compound during veg or a mycorrhizal additive when transplanting?  If so does it matter which ones?  I have some biogreen rooting compound left from my last grow that I could add at no cost which would be ideal if adding it is the way to go, and the obvious choice for mycorrhizae is the General Hydroponics subculture m if it's appropriate?


Any other tips regarding these nutes and any additives?  Help a new coco grower out!



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hi mate well this is only my opinion but rooting compound is for putting on clones to help them root out efficiently so i'd say just leave it and use it when you take some clones. as for the mycorrhizae. if your doing a soil grow then certainly use it every couple of feeds. if doing coco i'm not sure how beneficial it would be as its main use i believe is feeding the microbes. coco is an inert medium. a couple of times a week wouldn't do any harm though. although if using synthetic nutrients then the high salt in synthetic nutrients will no doubt kill off most of the mycorrhizae fungi before it gets uptaken by the roots. i'm sure theres loads of people that get good results whilst using mycorrhizae so as i say it won't do any harm but not sure how much it will benefit the grow. this is my understanding from my knowledge which albeit is fairly limited lol:execute:

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