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Is oil as strong as people make out?

Hi all


Just after some peoples insights to their experience using cannabis oil. Ive had it a few times now, well made stuff, decarbed lovely black treacle, but I have never seemed to get much of a buzz from it. 

Yet, my good pal can have a fraction of a grain of rice worth and he flakes out from the same stuff.

I once had a time, I had something like a teaspoon worth of the stuff in the evening, didnt feel much so went to bed and woke up at 2am feeling sorta nice and relaxed. Now I can smoke a spliff, and that hits me fine. I know its recommended to have roughly half a grain or rice worth 3x per day which ive tried but nothing seems to get me going in that respect.

I dont think nor would I want to say I have a really high tolerance to the stuff, but does anybody else have this issue with ingesting cannabis materials and not getting the effect they were seeking. I know the oil is supposed to be medicinal, so I will keep taking it as always and subconsciously im sure its doing my body some good. Ive had edibles and canna butter and teas before and they dont seem to be that strong either. 

I used to be a really bad narcotic user back in the day to the point it got silly and somewhat dangerous, would that have anything to do with it at all? 


All feedback is helpful, and will never be taken personally as always. Thanks for taking the time. 


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Some people just need a fair amount to get a heavy effect. 

For example I need a 400mg oil capsule to tackle pain or any other issues, but my missus is KO after just 50mg. 

Make sure the oil is decarbed and take it with fats for better absorption. 

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29 minutes ago, PureSmkr said:

Some people just need a fair amount to get a heavy effect.

Yeah its decarbed fully, and as I say my mate wimps out after a tiny amount and he thins his out 1:1 with coconut oil, I trust his feedback so Im sure its potent like. I wont stop taking it, but I may play around with stronger doses. Ive always been that way inclined. 

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There really does seem to be a huge range of reactions to cannabis - it's a really subjective effect, it seems, from my experience anyway.


Dunno why, but it's something I've seen for years. People almost seem to learn how to get high...and, no, I don't mean fake it. Some hard hardcore, others lightweights.



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i suppose tho  mate, in some cases, it would be a benefit ....

example... elderly person with cancer can take larger doses,  get all the medical benefits from it without  feeling  stonked off their gord on it  as  lots of  people would be put off taking it  any more if they were spaced out  all the time from it ...and it made them feel ill

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Ingesting cannabis concentrates doesn't have the same effect as smoking or vaporizing, because our livers have their way with it first.


As noted by PS and Joint, there is a wide range of tolerance.  We typically start a patient at 25 mg and titrate from there.  I've seen patients incapacitated on 25 mg Absolute concentrate, both small women, yet a cancer dose is 330 mg and I use 200 mg troches for pain, and tolerate 300 mg without OD, it just puts me to sleep. 


We found around 100 mg is an average dose for the average person, and is about what you get with the infamous Mrs Duncan brownie mix using an ounce of cannabis and cutting into 9 pieces.


That does bring us to the issue of concentration.  It is the THC content that typically limits dosage and depending on how a concentrate was extracted, C-21 THC content as a percent of the other C-10 through C-55 constituents extracted, can vary considerably. 


By extracting at -50C and below, we can avoid most of the molecules heavier than C-22, so that THC is a higher percent of the total, and typically get into the high 80's to low 90's concentration.


You can also winterize existing BHO extractions to remove the about C-21 through C-34 fats, lipids, and plant waxes, so as to increase the C-21/22 cannabinoid percentage.



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