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pH and Phosphoric acid question?

Hello.. I've got two Hempy Buckets on the go, Dinafem Early Amnesia CBD. I'm now 14 days from the 60 days expected finishing time and things up to now have been fine.


I'm planning to go with @Owderb's hydro flushing advice.  I've been feeding the plants at ec 1.75 inc 0.2 background (Ionic one part nutes, no extras) to make 10l of feed up it takes 15-20 drops of pH down to get me to the 6.0 to 6.1 pH mark.  From reading the advice what it's telling me to do is to ditch/reduce the 'P' by going at this stage of the grow, 50/50 grow /bloom, initially at a recuced ec. Keep reducing the ec and end up just on a weak feed of grow nutes only. The last few days just plain water . 


I haven't used any P/K boost etc, my way of thinking being, they get a bit extra P from the pH down.  Before I pH the nute solution it stands at 6.3/ 6.4, (water out of the tap is pH 6.7. Questions are:  At this stage of the grow with those ec readings can I do away with the pH down while I'm at pH 6.3 / 6.4 ?  Also, as I reduce the ec I understand the pH will rise a little more, if it got to say 6.6 would it make any difference?  could I still do without the pH down or would it affect the uptake of the low ec feed? 


I wouldn't like to mess things up at this stage.






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