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Cheap commercial pollen ROSIN experiment

Hey folks.
I thought I'd give something a try. 
I can get hold of SUPER cheap commercial pollen that looks really nice and clean. 




I was wondering how it would press for rosin, so I gave it a go and pressed a gram.




large.5a82bf9e2b973_2018-02-0913_47_47.jpg large.5a82bf9fe0d9f_2018-02-0914_30_23.jpg


The paper square weighted 0.2g, the resulting oil yield from the press bought it to 0.4g so 0.2g of concentrate from 1g of hash.

20% yield.


How does it dab?

Not bad, very clean and smooth. It has a bit of a woody flavour, less floral. Almost hints of pencil sharpenings which I have tasted in hash in India before.

It works very well in my Dr Dabber oil pen, smoother than my own super concentrates but not as strong.

How strong is it?

It's a nice day time hit. It does the job, creeping up on me. It's nothing on the potency of my CMH grown bubble hash to rosin concentrates that I make (which frankly  are dangerously potent! Carefully does it with that stuff!)


So, in summary, a fun experiment and SUPER cheap dabs. I'd do this more if I didn't grow. 

Anyone else pressed different hash's for dabbing?



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Pretty sure arthur had a crack at pressing commercial hash with some success.. 

It will be covered in the big ass press thread somewhere.


If your confident its clean then happy days!


I dunno if I would trust it myself but there again needs must when the devil drives n all that jazz.. 

No doubt I've smoked plenty worse plenty time over the years! lol


Tidy result though if that 20% return is relatively pure oil then hash must be improving in quality again.. There's a fair bit around my parts at the moment, its a big step up from the shitebars but not on a par with quality late 80s early 90s gear (just before soap flooded the market, until then it was trickling in and everyone just called it "bunk" but you could still get quality if you shopped around a bit).


I might buy a lump and see if it smokes tidy on the bong like back in the day.... Wheres that tinfoil/hosepipe/coke bottle got too now....? lol


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