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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

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21 hours ago, Asha605 said:

Hey buddy. I’m not sure I’m capable enough to fully answer that question...I’m no expert- just a fly by the seat of your pants kinda girl!

How big are these clones? What lat are you at? 

Im not relying on the spring equinox for flowering, im gonna light dep them when they’re big enough. 


I'm Lat 50... clones are about 10 cm, i was thinking of trying to flower the mother, but i think now i may wait, i've gone a few months with out any green already lol

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More progress...large.890062BB-BE06-43EA-BB96-220FC9692486.jpeg


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Hey guys! Sorry, it's been a while...still not too much happening...bloody weather! 

Maybe they're just limbering up! :)


First up..Sensi Silver Haze...



Sweet Seeds Black Jack...



Sensi Black Domina...fussy!!!...



And finally Sensi Jack Herer, about a week behind the others...large.309B9C2B-11C3-43AD-A24C-9801630C494E.jpeg


Now all we need is a bit of sunshine, and they'll have grown a foot by next week! :thumsup::thumsup:

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