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vince noir rock n roll star

spectre and meltdown

if your unaware these two snidey backdoors are basically in every intel and rumoured in arm and amd processors too ..recently intel released a fix for them ..which turned out to be a pile of wank and some reports came in that it fucked some processors ..whether thats true i dont know ..but have  alook a what linus torvold had to say about it ..




“As it is, the patches are COMPLETE AND UTTER GARBAGE,” Torvalds said in a message posted to the Linux kernel mailing list on Sunday.

“All of this is pure garbage. Is Intel really planning on making this sh*t architectural?” he asked. “Has anybody talked to them and told them they are f*cking insane? Please, any Intel engineers here – talk to your managers.”]

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1 minute ago, vince noir rock n roll star said:

if your unaware these two snidey backdoors are basically in every intel and rumoured in arm and amd processors too



Been common knowledge for a while now mate, not sure they are snidey, from what my mate in IT says it`s more of a hardware issue (problem in the shape of the processor it`s self, so no quick patch)


 I think maybe it was a mix of security and embarrassment that they never said anything perhaps sooner?

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Its been going on ages now, I heard about it months ago and I think I was late to the party


I dont think its a backdoor as in the sense it was put in on purpose, no manufacturer wants a hardware fault like this its just commercial suicide, companies care more about money than any three letter agency, money is all that matters and this is the type of thing that will send a company under. Its a really interesting problem an enormous oversight




Make no mistake the NSA/GCHQ dont need this to access your data, they can get into anything given enough incentive. I think even my nana would know this. The USA has some enormous brains behind it past and present, dont be fooled into thinking they are just thick yanks because they far from thick, chemistry, physics, electronics, computer science, economics you name it


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my pc updated last week & hung, had to do a couple of roll backs to get it back on before it started to loop boot, so had to reload win10, its been ok.

tho if I did know about the bug last year, I wouldn't have got a i7 7700k intel cpu, I've also got an old i5 3570k which I was going to use as a storage dump

but my plans might change now because of this bug.

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the term snidey is used simply because intel knew about the flaw for a very long time before ..i didnt mean to imply it as hooky ..for accessing stuff ..and the backdoor reference came from the kaspersky site who originally designated the term to the flaw ..sorry ..but the main jist was to show what linux boss torvolds thought about it ..



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