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Fat Charlie


Any Overwatch players on the forums?


I'm woefully shit, but it's good fun to play. Usually play Lucio and occasionally Soldier. 

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I've clocked a good many hours on Overwatch, it is pretty much a team fortress clone or any other similar game so it got boring pretty fast. We don't share gamertags/blizzard names/steam names or anything like that as it can compromise security - just incase anyone gets any ideas.


I'm caning PUBG at the moment, great fun.

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Big up yourselfs bruddas,I and I made a thread bout overwatch and ting ages ago too. 

We can't like share our gaming world Street names cuz of the 5-0 watching this site with their pyrotechnic hyper radar bean that's spyin on our phones.


For real tho, big up to Zenyatta for being a role model. In his words that was nicked from the great biggie himself,

"spread the word of peace but be ready to pop a cap in those red battybois"

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