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Cindy 99

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@FARMER G I've been able to grow a bit over the last two years mate. Just not in a way that I can justify the good genetics. Air exchange and head room/space in general are seriously lacking viable solutions. Been cleaning out some of the femmed stuff I'd accumulated, but none of its been anything to shout about. Mostly shite actually considering the mums I'd hoarded before the move lol not sure when I'll get back up and running properly but it's all moving forward so..... can't wait to be honest because a shit grow is nearly as bad as no grow. Tough to follow grows on here as well because it just gets under your skin remembering how good it can be lol used to love posting budshots and smoke reports. One day......lol

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@Cambium I for one can't wait dude, it'll be worth the wait when you finally get something sorted out :yep:

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@Golden Syrup cheers mate. It's hard when circumstances conspire to fuck your grow lol everything else in life got better, but I had to take the short term hit on the growing potential to get us in a better position for the long term. I dream about the day I can get selecting for keepers again. 


On topic, I dipped into my seed jar last night and found a bag labled c99 with half a dozen beans in. Fuck knows where they came from, maybe oldsmoker, or Felix, I can't be sure. Between them and the toothless I should hopefully find something worth the soil.

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Finally flowering these ladies out we are on day 17 currently.


5x Cindy 99 ladies and 3x Cindy XX fems


I've got a tent full of boys to sort through too, hoping to find a nice stud or two.


The three Cindy xx are real bushy ladies, some of the regs were more stretchy but a couple bushy ones were in there too. I'm guessing these bushy ones will be the more pineapple leaning types.


These have been really easy to grow and are all looking nice and healthy so far. Nice smells starting to kick up but no distinct pineapple as of yet but it's early days!


Anyone else got these going?


I'll get some better quality pics up, in due course.. 

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Day 25 (I got dates mixed last post)



All looking nice so far, got a bit wild this grow but should be all good come harvest :smokin:

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Well impressed with these C99, they put up with some real hot days a broken circulation fan and a few missed waterings which butchered some of the other plants in the tent. One plant threw a single nanner but i think that was because it went limp and got battered by the fan for a day or so while i was stuck at work lol 


I'll do some F2's for the subbies, got some nice looking males from this run going to keep 4 boys for further testing.



Smells delicious too, going to be hard work smoke testing these 8 different phenos :smokin:



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Despite not getting the primo dry i had hoped for under those scorching temps we have been having. These C99 are all some lovely smokes, mouth coating fruitiness, real pineapple sweet flavour on some and one reminds me of those pear drops sweets.


Definitely 3 maybe 4 of the girls are going in again for a second run, see how they perform from clone and hopefully give them a better dry this time see how that effects things.


The high is perfect for me. No anxiety at all and quite long lasting which slowly tapers off but doesnt leave me feeling the need to instantly reach for the jar to top up. There is not much body but a lovely head high that comes with a cheeky grin i cant hold back. 


I'd recommend these, cant compare to the old C99 but these are a mighty fine smoke and easy to grow. :yep:

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They look lovely mate nice job you done there , we got a lot C99 and C99 crosses in the office, I think I even spotted some C99 IBL and BX1's  I might have to do a run going by look of yours,..

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