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First Time Hydro Grow Wilma 4 pot

I have just successfully germinated Sensi Seed Skunk Straight into pH adjusted rockwool.

I currently have a 45w cfl on for 24hours with my hum at 50% to 70% with a daylight temp of 21 degrees C
and at night reaching 17.8 degrees C.

I am using a Wlma 4 pot system which il be transplanting my seedlings into within another couple days.


With clay, i should probably wait for roots to form out the rockwool first before transplanting

Should I start my 2 part nutrient cycle once iv transplanted them into hydroton or start already once my seedling is past 2 inches from the rockwool in my homemade propogation incubator?

I am trying to leave out the feeding as much as possible during its most fragile stage, would this be alright going about this?

Appreciate the help Ladies and Gents

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@Tong when a seedling has just popped it's head above the medium it should be able to sustain itself for 10-14 days without giving it any feed. Just keep an eye out on the cotyledons/leaves,if they start to pale then feed them. A good practice is to feed them only a quarter strength of what it says on the nutrient bottle,otherwise you will burn your plants. Also a good idea to get a good root system out of the rockwool blocks before transplanting into the Wilma. Also,are you Pete,or just from the Leeds area? :). ATB mate.

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Cheers Bud ! thats exactly what I was thinking.


Now again my last grow was outdoor many years ago back in South Africa, so the equipment is still new to me but i feel iv sussed it out.

Currently growing in South of Europe at the moment, Na not from there bud; names Ty.


i am currently running on a 24 hour cycle with 1 cfl 45w 6500k for the pre veg phase.I was only planning on running 18/6 once the first set of cotyledons develop. ( also for energy consumption purposes) then of course only once they are a little bushier start my 600w MH.


I should probably increase my temp at night though yeah?

What you rate mate?


Shot for the advice amigo!



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@Tong lights on temps 24-28 ish,lights off about 20ish will be good. Also reservoir temp  18-20 will be fine,try not to let res drop much below that temp or the cold will shock the roots,and much above 20 can lead to pythium (root rot ).

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Keeping a heater on timer , keeping a gradual temp of 22 lights off.

looking at a heater for the res once I transplant, one that can regulate the temp.

The girls are coming around quite well at the moment, monitoring the temps very carefully due to the fact that im not use growing in the northern hemisphere. The temps fluctuate a lot here.


 Will start a journal in a few days to let you know how things go.


Looking forward to this grow!


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@ursus1000 Started feeding plants as the one on the bottom right started curling turning light green. currently on day 12
EC on 0.7
ph 5.8

Will be transplanting rockwool to Wilma system once Canna Aqua A and B  and cannazym
Tuesday. Hoping that I can keep in incubator with lid off till then.

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