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Infused honey, the proper way!

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Guess Dinafem are site sponsors so their website link should be allowed:




Bees would usually collect pollen & yes of course that’s not present in female flowers, no idea how he trained them to collect resin instead - or I’d train my bees to do exactly that lol 


Honey is awesome stuff, & propolis even more so. Wouldn’t want to use honey as a topical but the wax makes great balm. 

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Bees collect honey and pollen - they serve different purposes. Female weed plants make neither as they are wind pollinators and don't need to. What he is claiming is that he 'trained' the bees to use resin in the same way instead. I say bullshit my friend. Sugar watered buds and some standard weed honey and a lot of publicity is my best guess.

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Meant collect nectar and pollen not honey - doh!


Anyway as an update - I can safely say that 1tsp of this stuff is a very significant dose! I had one in tea about 6, and I was fucked. Still pretty mashed, but it came on VERY quickly too. 


Two reasons I think for this:

- I vastly underestimated the % of the bud - now I think back that decarb was some very choice buds. It was C13 from natural genetics.

- The lethicin has a really positive effect on the quantity required and effectiveness, and brings it on super quick - I must admit I thought that would be minor, but it really doesn't seem to be. I've not really used it a great deal before.




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