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My return to growing

Firstly i want to start off by apologising for being off the board for almost 2 years, 


anywho, i sold my old tent to a friend who wanted to get into the hobby as i had the boys in blue getting close ( dirty dirty bastards)


was given a tent, led light, extraction fan and a handfull of seeds to get me almost back up and running



Never had a led grow yet so its something new to me, in the past i have used cfl to some degree of success as well as the usual hps

Can anyone pass some first hand tips and tricks with led or is it practically the same in regards to light height?



i'll be starting off with 2 plants in soil to get me back in the swing of it before i restart my nft tray

one plant for me and the other will be a high cbd plant for the mrs that i want to turn into oil for her medical condition, this is going to be an interesting journey to say the least 



i have a few seeds im thinking of running but heres what i have, any suggestions or recommendations would be great


Cream of the crop

Narcotic kush ( running this for the mrs as its the highest cbd strain i have) ( afghan kush hybrid)

amphetamine auto. (Nyc diesel x ruderalis)

cash crop ( northern lights x big bud x ruderalis)



White widow xxl. ( ran this in the past with amazing results)

moby dick auto    ( haze x white widow)

fruit + ( lowryder x grapefruit)



baby boom ( northern lights x blueberry auto )


Delicious seeds

LA Diva. ( best plant i have grown to date) (il diavolo x blueberry)



auto white widow



kritikal bilbo  ( afghan x skunk) 


i like to keep a selection of seeds tucked out the way for a rainy day :)



Hopefully i'll be building up the tent and getting the extras i need ( carbon filter) in the next 4 weeks


will sort a grow diary at some point


skut monkey



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