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*Ventilation question*

Hi guys, I’m in the process of moving my operation to my garage. 

I have a fairly new 10” rvk fan and 10” Rhino CF. I don’t want to invest in any new gear yet so I was wandering if it’s possible to reduce that to 2 x 6” exits out of my garage. I think this would be more stealth than a 10” hole blowing huge amounts of air out. 

Would it be detrimental to the air flow and cause a more whoosh noise?


all thoughts and comments are welcome



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i get you, i used to run in my garage with a 8 inch outlet vent. lol 

i think if you split the 10 inch into say 2 x 6 inch it would work. i would allso make a couple of homemade silencers up, they work a treat if made properly. 

use a big plastic bin, and cardboard piping at the same inch as your ducting, drill loads of 10ml holes in the cardboard tube. then place that in the middle of your big bin or simular,covered in insulation, r/wool works well, with a hole cut out the other end,up against your vent. if you get my drift, i am stoned as fek today, so cant explain what i mean properly. lol 

all the best with it, i know personally how loud a 10 inch rvk fan is coming out the back of a garage. 

i was ok thank god, as its a old lady who lives on the end of the garden/garage. :yinyang:

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if you have any old carbon filters at 6 inch you could blow into them, and have them sat inside a bin/container, with it up against the wall/vent. it would kill the wooshing noise and double filter your air out, with a powerfull 10 inch rvk its possible. 

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