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petition 15k already

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Once it reaches a certain number of sigs, (100k rings a bell) they are obliged to do something (either discuss it or consider it for discussion) in Parliament. But as we all know, they aren't going to legalise cannabis just because the proles want it.


"Sir" Nick Clegg was reported yesterday as having said that during the coalition, many senior Tories saw the sense in legalisation but didn't want the political hassles it might bring. He said that Theresa May was pretty much the only one opposed! Lucky us!


My guess is that the establishment can get hold of top class drugs of any kind - and even if they get busted, a word in the right ear will see them get off with it. So what is in it for them personally?


They might be able to make fortunes post-legalisation, but there is more to be had from post-Brexit deals so weed is small potatoes to them at this time.


Also, all those people currently 'employed' in the black market cannabis industry - what are they going to do for a living when Dick Branson is flogging ready-rolled Virgin-branded spliffs? At least this way, dealers aren't doing any 'proper' crime or flogging Spice or similar. They are providing a service and engaging in a victimless crime.


If you want any chance of a change in the legal status of cannabis, then when the next election comes, vote for whoever stands the best chance of removing your MP if he is a Tory. It's the only chance there is.


As for regulating THC levels - so what?


It's just a Trojan Horse approach (similar to the 'medicinal marijuana' thing in the US). If you unleash low THC weed onto the streets, then you: normalise weed use; normalise the smell on the street; and PC Plod isn't going to be interested in testing your pot for strength. It's just a case of getting those floodgates open and doing what you currently do anyway.


So it won't make much difference to many of us here, (but we could at least all use our proper photos for our profile pics - just like I do now ;) ) but it would be interesting sending each other bud samples through Royal Mail - a sort of ready-made, high-grade cannabis club.


Tories out!!


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Read the government's response it's so pathetic I'm not sure if I want to laugh or cry... 

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13 hours ago, NezA said:

Read the government's response it's so pathetic I'm not sure if I want to laugh or cry... 


Yeah i know man, the sheer ignorance of them, still not gonna stop me from enjoying this life destroying herb lol 


my own mother who has been anti cannabis in the strongest sense, suffers from athritis, fibromalgyia and numerous other ailments, i managed to get her to try the cbd oil, she has now fucked off all her meds the doctors gave her and actaully got to enjoy my wedding without any pain cause of it, she now thinks cannabis should be decriminalised and free for all, still not convinced her to try a joint yet though lol


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I'm sure with just the membership on here and the wealth of knowledge we could start a herbal party, obviously everything else would need knowledgeable sensible people to manage. 

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