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Flowering Autos under Daylight 315w CMH? (For my veg space.)

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2 hours ago, Joint hogger said:

get a 942 for the vegging section, as for the price @Bird  you can get a 942 & a 930 for £71, the Agro costs about £90-£95.


Shall I just move my existing 942 over to the vegging section and purchase an Agro to flower under alongside my 930?


Which bulb is it that causes the massive stretch at flowering time?


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think theres more stretch with the Agro in the first two weeks of flowering, the 930 isnt as bad cause theres less a far red light spectrum.

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Thanks @Joint hogger


I might get another 930 then and just run two of those side by side for flowering.


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tbh  @MicGrow  you could always try getting the 942 instead, then you'd get best of both worlds with a 1:1 lamp mix,

Golden Syrup, OT1 & a few other more knowledgeable folk reccomend mixing the lamps for the best set up & more potentcy,

but to be honest, I've only done 3 full successfull grows with a mix of lamps, 942, 930 & the 930 Agro & they were all devastatingly good

tho imo, the Agro finishers were slightly more potent but there wasnt much in it between them  :smokin:


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I bought a new Maxibright kit, ballast, Daylight Single reflector and 942 Daylight bulb. (Not from G&H but from a more local grow shop.)


I didn't notice until I got home but this new reflector is bigger than my original Daylight Single Reflectors.


Originals measure 44cm end X 38cm side.

The new one measures 44cm end X 48cm side.

It's ten centimeters longer than the original. WTF.





New one: (Notice also the hole under the sticker, it has one on each corner.



It means that the bulb is not central in the fitting, other than that any problems, any rhyme or reason? 


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