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unidentified pest destroying new leaves, help!

Hi, so im not new to growing but in the past year i have been under attack by some sort of pest i cant identify or even see (just the damage it does). Basically it only happens in the 3rd to 5th week of veg and as the new sprouting leaves open up they look like they have been eaten by a Caterpillar or something, mainly at the base of the leaves but as the problem increases almost all the leaf is missing as it grows into full size. There is nothing i can see on the leaves or plants anywhere no bugs or flying insects. I had thrips and got rid of them with a sulphur burner, this worked on the thrips but didnt seem to touch whatever it is destroying the new leaves. And it is only the new leaves, old growth is not affected and looks healthy. So far I have only had this problem in the mid to late stages of veg. Only some strong insecticide worked, only after setting my grow back almost 3 weeks.... Has anybody else had these pests? If so what are they and how do i prevent them?  indoor grow in soil with organic nutrients. 


(my friend seem o think it may be a mutation of the tobacco virus sometimes carried by thrips, but this confuses me when the sulphur works on the thrips but not the other things...)


heres a couple photos anyway....



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Cant see your photos mate.

Have you uploaded them here?

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just put a link on my post for uk420 with the pics of leaves...

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Looks like you have a caterpillar! Have a really good look as they are hard to see. It'll be pressed up against the stem and virtually transparent. It's come from a little moth. I've never had more than three in a grow at a time and they usually only do leaf damage for a couple of weeks then it pupates. It then hatches in time to lay eggs on your next grow. Have a close look and pick it off. 

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i had these before u have to go through each plant and i took any leaf that was curled because they make a cocoon outta the leaf so it inside and just eats a way and then moves onto the next leaf . 


so best to take the leafs off and i sprayed them with pyrethrum 5EC and they was no more .


and as bearukc said they come from moths so dont let them stay in your room and kill them fuckers or get them out


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