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First indoor soil grow queries

Hi guys,


I've been messing about outdoors on and off for the last 10 years now. This year I was fortunate enough to be in a position where I could set up my first indoor grow at last! Currently got some exodus cheese clones in coco which will be coming down in 2/3 days :thumsup: I also have 11 Disco Biscuits (thanks @VRG for the extra bean and free Blues!) in 1" rockwool cubes. 


I originally went with the coco as that's what my friend who helped me set up uses. I thought it would be handy in case I ran into any problems, at least I'd have someone with experience to guide me. Luckily no major probs and although I'm absolutely chuffed to bits with my first attempt, I have decided I will be using soil this time round. I've always used bio bizz nutes in the past outdoors and from reading I've realised soil is a more suited medium for them. Plus it's what I've been used to in the past.


Just trying to get a game plan together in my head so I don't panic when it comes to doing something and fuck up! I spoke with@FARMER G  via pm and he kindly answered my queries, but I keep coming up with more and don't want to pester the man so thought I'd ask a few on here and hopefully someone else can learn from the info too :yinyang:


First question is potting up.. I've read that several re pots are good through veg. I've bought 0.7, 1.5, 3.5, 6 and 11ltr pots. Do you think 5 re pots is overkill and will stress the plants more than do them any favours?


Also I understand the idea is to fill each pot with roots before moving them on to the next. With the final pot, do I want to fill that with roots before flipping them to 12/12 or do I need flip them soon after the final pot up, so as to leave room for roots to grow in flower and not become root bound? Or do the roots stop growing in flower!?


Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.. Just can't learn enough at the minute! 


Aphat :skin_up:

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3 pot ups is as many as you need , 5 is overkill ... most folks (I think) only do two ... we all have different methods , though , so over time the grow will fit in with your environment .. I guess the best tip is don't overfeed , dont 'modicoddle' the plant 

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A grow diary is a great way to get a lot of feedback on your grow, so that may be a very useful resource both for you and others...


Roots in flower - all plants continue to grow roots for a while, but how long and how fast depends on what you feed in the weeks immediately after flipping... So, all plants will continue to grow roots for a couple of weeks, and they will slow and stop as the plant shifts its energy to flowering. There are diaries around here that discuss how soil growers factor that growth into their timings so as to avoid problems with excessive dampness or rootbound plants.


Here's an old quote and link on the subject! You should find a bunch of related threads that will give you a clearer sense of how others approach this issue...


"Roots slow in flower and like already said re potting during flowering is NOT recommended

The main reason is that if your roots dont fill the pot you end up with anaerobic soil and root problems then become a problem

Plus the roots will be sat in wet through compost if they cant fill it out,which happens a lot" (I'm quoting, Owderb)




Good luck!

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Thanks for you input @zero. I did over water a couple of times on my current grow, I get so annoyed with myself when I do it. Certainly messes things up a bit and slows them down for sure. It's something I'll definitely be taking extra care not to do this time round! 



Cheers for the very informative reply. Just what I was after. I do plan on doing a diary in future, but at the moment my laptop is broken and no way of getting pics off my camera... Don't trust my iPhone! Will check out that link now and get reading :book:


I gotta say this forum is the bollocks! So many helpful and knowledgeable heads around. Keep up the good work all those involved!

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5 minutes ago, Aphatspliff said:

Don't trust my iPhone! Will check out that link now and get reading :book:


I don't blame you!! I stopped using my phone when FB showed me some lovely photographs of my plants and asked if I wanted to make them public!!! :eek:


Its a good craic round here; very helpful, sharing folks with one common aim - that we all have healthy plants and don't need to rely on folks ripping us off for our small pleasure! :D


Good luck with your grow @Aphatspliff Hope its bountiful and potent!

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