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MMG Nightingale N-1

I have been looking at high CBD strains and was wondering if anyone has grown any of their strains but in particular their Nightingale strain. Any info is greatly appreciated as I'm still a bit skeptical of the whole CBD phenomenon.


Peace and Happy holiday to all 


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Easy B,  haven’t grow any of their strains but have dabbled quite extensively with cbd. From my personal experience cbd when smoked with thc adds a soothing, calming reassurance to the high. But I’m quite sensory and pick up on subtle changes filtered into my consciousness. Cbd when smoked in ratios highly favouring cbd reveals a lacklustre high but for mental well being (depression) it’s pretty good. when you start making extractions and can execute an oral dosing protocol day in day out. This is when the stuff SHINES! Although cbd on its own (like the stuff you can buy online) just doesn’t seem to do the trick. My thoughts are, the lesser cannabinods present in full spectrum extracts work together binding to receptor sites that cbd just isn’t able to do. Creating more neurological pathways for it to express its self. This being said I’ve run the Candida cbd 20:1 <1% Thc and found the extraction great for inflammation and immune function. Plus it dabs nice to orangey Terps with a hit like diazepam.  Don’t expect, like I did. That this should work like ibuprofen ie take a capsule and swelling reduces. It works over longer periods of time to stabilise and bring back to homeostasis. I truly do believe that in the right ratios along side thc thcv cbd cbn cbda etc it will  be tailored for any illness. But that’s just my insight from my own experience don’t trust me do your own research. I’m just a twat on a forum good luck

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Happy hols mate, cheers for the reply. Your observations fit well with what I've learned making oils. I like full spectrum extracts , I tend to use 5-8 strains per run of oil. This is my first go round with CBD , I'm just about to chop G13 labs Peach puree CBD so in January I'll be preparing a mix for oil and this will definitely be in that. 


My understanding about receptors is some are cannabinoid specific and others are more generic. The idea that any one cannabinoid is "the one" is silly at best and downright absurd at worst. I'll try to remember to post an update in the extractions forum about the results and effects . 




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