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new groom

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@KanedAndUnable hopefully :)I've got all the gear, i just hope I have some idea!

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@buddy13 i dont want to induce paranoia but how you gonna keep that room a secret?


i assume you own the place? every few years the mortgage people come around to inspect. thats why i go for 5 year deals so i dont have to hide my shit very often. have you thought about this? 

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been here 25 years hopefully the next 25 too :)

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so last little update..

when you've already used 40+sheets and you just aint gonna buy no more;)



sink ...


a sneaky peak  large.DSCN0946.jpg

and a link to my new Rolling diary...


thanks for watching.....:smokin:



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Just wow man. :bong:

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@buddy13  you have no interest in giving yourself an easy time of things do you mate!  hats off to you.  


i have two questions:


1.  if you grow as well as you project manage then you will end up with lots of stock.  what are you going to do with it? (you might not be able to answer that obviously without incriminating yourself haha)


2. i think i saw in your first pics that you have a vent which seems to lead directly to outdoors.  is that the case? 



Edited by snoopynose
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@snoopynose actually quite the opposite mate, I figured the more I put in now for a short space of time the more i'll get out for little or no effort for the long term:)

1- smoke it obviously :smokin:

2- yep

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@snoopynose when u get to this stage of growing u smoke using A3 sized rizla :cheers:

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so week 2......all pics taken Friday 19th jan

firstly the light situation....was planning on using 2x 315 with 742 blue bulbs plus a 600mh, turned out a bit hot plus overkill for seedlings that I wanted to plant so switched the 600 to another 315 but only had 930 bulb left....all good for a few days, seedlings planted.....then stumbled into a 250/400/600 dimmable so switched back to 400mh plus 2x315 742's...all good again.

temps pretty stable 19c(lights off)28c max(lights on)

enough waffling some pics....



all looking a lot better than last week


first up tangie#5


tangie #6



sour tangie #2



sour tangie #3

worst of this lot but coming good ...


Pot A group shot


large.DSCN1024.jpgcompared to last week...large.DSCN0937.jpg


Pot B


Subbies beans sage x silver ak by @Vicfirth12

10 sown 10 germinated; 1 early death, 1 runt....7 very healthy looking seedlings plus 1 with slightly twisted/mutated leaves......










sxsak#4 the 1 with slight twist...










and finally sxsak#8







still the worst of the bunch but coming round slowly....





candy land...


strawberry cheese, worst of the lot but I'm pretty sure now that its gonna make it(fingers crossed)


group comparison...


full groom...



so overall really pleased with progress especially not knowing how hot/rich my soil was, no signs of burning anywhere(yet) so fingers crossed...

till next time :smokin:

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oops put this in wrong place.....:blushing:

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Missed this thread till now, epic build mate.

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