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Hello novice grower looking for new friends

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@Sal81 alright bud:yep: 


When I was a young child I was diagnosed with asthma, but when I was in my mid teens I found out that I didn't have it,I was allergic to cat hair :rofl::rofl: so no cats in my gaff.


As for the depression thing, I personally go through stages like, one day I will be good then sometimes with no real reason it can go downhill,for a couple of hours or weeks, and I just don't feel happy, a smoke helps me stay on the right side,most of the time. I have noticed that some weed makes me feel quite anxious, so I avoid these types.


I also smoke to help relieve nerve pain, which Deffo 100% takes the edge off and helps me move about better.


Vaping,, not for me really, maybe I need to put the hours in, but I tried it with some bud for a few days, to me it seamed like a compleatly different kind of stone, much more high that stoned if you know what I mean, vaped oil too as I was thinking it didn't work, it did, I was very high, it was as good as smoking it but not as harsh.I have also tried not smoking baccy for a few weeks, was alright after I got use to the blunts, bit I found my tolerance went through the roof. Smoked far to much and ran out of weed early, so back on the baccy.


Take care all.Jj:yinyang:

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Hello, welcome and good luck! As for medicinal cannabis, choose your strains carefully and not without plenty of research as different strains and harvesting methods have different outcomes and effects. As for losing friends, unfortunately they were never friends if they abandoned you for any reason. More can be made. IMO the gov wont legalise cannabis as it doesnt fit into their agendas. Not to go too deep into the rabbit hole but mrs May is only concerned with her own career and legacy. The recent BREXIT updates show they havent got our interests at heart. If they scheme against us on matters of such import to majority population just think how they are with legalising cannabis. We are leaps and bounds behind the rest of the world. But still i hone my skills and improve my gardening in hopes of becoming a master grower. Cannabis is not a weed. It doesnt sprout up randomly and needs careful care and attention like most flowers.:bong:

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@Jibba jabba I too have nerve damage crps type 2 i had a accident a work that has left me in a wheelchair and my nerve damage started in my legs now spread to my my back shoulders and to finish it off i have arthritis in both hands so if i am not in pain my depression is showing its face and on flare up days when even moving my leg will put me in pain most of the day then the depression will say i cannot take much more a constant fight going on and while that is happening you have to smile at friends and family and say "I'm o.k " when really you want to scream and cry as they say take one day at a time.To everyone read this that suffers from a medical condition stay warm,medicated,and look after yourself and don't let pain or depression win Thanks  

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