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Remo Chemo Hightimes Top 10 Strains Of The Year!

Hello all :bong:


Just a quick announcement to say that our Remo Chemo has been voted as one of the top 10 strains of 2017 :)




This has been a great collaboration with a cannabis industry legend. Remo aka "the urban grower" . We released this strain and had grows going first on UK420. @Badbadger and @jadenugs had some of the world's first cultivated Remo Chemo grown from this collaboration :bong: . The end product looks like pure fire and this has ended the year perfect for the Dinafem team :yep:


A huge thank you to hightimes and to the UK420 community support with the release and initial testing of this epic strain.


More to come in 2018 with from lady :yep:


All the best 





Edited by Dinafem-Mark
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Now, as if there were any more reason to grab a pack before too much longer!! Something for 2018, I reckon!


I see you're about ready to settle down for a break - enjoy! and all best for the coming year!



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Congratulations to Dinafem. Great news for you guys. :thumsup:


So glad I've got some of these beans, gotta get some of these girls started soon.





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Congratulations Dinafem :yep:

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