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Join the caravan of love......stand up

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Good evening my lovelies, how are we all doing over here. Have you missed me?


This isnt going to be a grow diary as such, just thought id pop in and share what im up to with ya'll and @Dinafem-Mark/ @HSO-Mark

A big thank you to dinafem for gifting some of these seeds, theres a whole story behind it but Ill not bore you all with it.

I decided to put a fem run together, Im currently week 3 into flower on 8 different strains and all looking super tip top and believe it or not, ALL GETTING FED EXACTLY THE SAME SO FAR!! None showing any signs of wanting any different either and I will endeavour to keep this up for as long as I can

Currently being fed Every 2 days with

1ml pl of Shropshire seaweed

1ml pl of PM ot grow

3ml pl of PM ot Bloom

1ml pl of Shogun CalMag


Next feed Ill drop the grow and go to 4.5ml pl of bloom plus the rest and hoping that should see me sitting pretty for the rest of the grow pretty much, might end up upping the bloom a bit later if called for but the plants are in rude health and at max strength nutes already so we should just be in autopilot from now on


And Im growing......

3xMoby Dick cbd

1xHSO Green Crack

1xHSO Purple trainwreck

1xBlue widow

1xCritical Cheese

1xCritical +2.0

1xBarneys Cookie Kush

1xTH Seeds Underdawg OG


Temps blah blah blah........exceptionally consistent and on the money


Just a few pics, to wet your appetite of where Im currently at, I will showcase each strain on its own when I can upload from the pc instead of my phone as it is very hard to know whats what.




So thats 10 plants in 7.5l pots grown in clover MP compost in a 1.2x1.5m room with 1x400w Dual Spec HPS 1x315wCMH

5 inch fan and filter,2kw oil rad on temp controlled plug


Sorry the pics are a bit crap, they are taken under the CMH light


As you can see we have a pretty full room, its all a bit messy for me but it is to be expected running 8 outa 10 different strains at once......at least I will have plenty of variety in my jars come the end of Jan.


Take it easy peeps, Ill be back with some bud porn 


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A couple pics as of 5 mins ago during lights out


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Hanging a painting in there for your girls is above and beyond mate;) 

Next upgrade tv panel? :-)

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@Gojitangie As they say, your environment is everything lol 


Was a present from a friend and without offending him, there aint no way it was going on my living room wall so its tucked away in my growroomlol   


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that's a nice selection of strains you got there mate, iv got a couple of the purple trainwreck on the go but they are still only babies for now, I can't wait for them to get to the same stage as you though lol 


have you done any training on these plants mate?

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@craigfjyp hi mate. Minimal training. Some supercropping in late veg but that's about it. I dont have space to do much training with plant numbers.


I've done the purple trainwreck before..

Look out for the hairy golf ball pheno as I call it. It's really lemony and some of the most special weed I've encountered. It isn't a big yielded though. I dont know how many phenos there is but this one isn't it unfortunately. Good luck with yours mate 

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Fec, compared to my plants, so lush, so very green, so am I - with envy! :alien2:

Not a sign of yellowing or stress, nute burn or over watering, looking for a fault can’t see one. :censored: :bag::chains:

Lend us ya monocle? Liking it lots Sherlock…


On 12/14/2017 at 9:26 AM, blackpoolbouncer said:

You have gone from under fed it over fed now bud

“How can you tell that mate? I can't really tell myself…" 


Elementary, environment is everything, got it!


Good luck with this grow, but you don't need much by the looks of things. :king:



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Great to see another @blackpoolbouncer grow on UK420 and a really nice variety of Dinafem and HSO genetics :)


It looks like the real fun is about to begin so we are going to watch these ladies flowers out to see what they are made of  :)


We always get super details grows from @blackpoolbouncer and this will be a fantastic diary to follow especially for the new growers out there :)


Needless to say I'll be along for the ride and watching with interest!


Thank you again for getting your Dinafem/HSO adventure up and running and I'll be back in on the next update mate  :yep:


All the best 



Edited by Dinafem-Mark
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Standing room only lol I'm keen to see how the Moby Dick CBD comes on and smokes, I'm thinking next winter already.


Lovely grow man

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@blackpoolbouncer Hope things are going well mate? And best wishes for the year ahead  :yep:


All the best 



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@Dinafem-Mark Thanks mate. All the best to you and your team too, hope 2018 will be a good one for you.


Everything, I am happy to report is going swimmingly.


Plants are all still very happy indeed as you will see tomorrow in my mega update which will showcase each girl individually now we are at about week 6 of flower iirc


Temps are all good as always and all plants are STILL ON THE SAME FEED, yes 6 weeks into flower 10 plants, 8 different trains from seed and all still very happy campers having been treated exactly the same from day 1.............i certainly dont have time for ten different feed strengths so the plants are getting a happy medium for all.

All fed 5ml pl of pm ot bloom, 1ml of cal mag and 1 ml of seaweed per litre. 


I am however now at a point where some plants are considerably closer to the finishing line than others so tonight I will be dropping the calmag on any that are going to be finished in the next two weeks and also reducing the feed......ill probably go to two different feeds, one full strength and the other on a gradual taper.


First to come down will be one of the Moby CBDs by the looks of it, pistils are browning nicely now.


Out of these girls so far my favourite is the blue widow, I didnt like her at first during veg, she was a bit unruly and vigourous with really hollow stems which didnt like being bent, supercropped or pinched........she has cetainly redeemed herself, shes big bold and beautiful, she is going to yeild well and her smell is all encompassing when you open the room. There is one super stinky girl who is overpowering everything else in the room and this is the one. 





Things for a while are going to be a bit different round my parts. After a couple of disaster grows over summer due to pest problems I had become malaise with the whole situation. Something needed to change which was my state of mind. I am happy to report that ive got my mojo back and feeling better than ever with an outward look and a positive proactive attitude to growing with a real motivation again to do what i do. 

This grow is a signal of a turning point, I kicked myself up the arse and got back into it and I cant tell you what seeing a full room of healthy plants coming up to harvest 

has done for my mood and motivation. 


So much so It has had my mind going. This run I chucked in all my remaining fem seeds I had around, as well as needing a full room fast I wanted to see if we had anything special knocking about in the collection with the prospect of potentially finding a mum. Yes thats right folks, a mum. Not something I usually do mostly running autos. Like I say things are changing. I have now found space in my humble abode to put my old dr80 on its side to give me a 80x160x80 veg/mother room which I have illuminated with an 8 tube 4 foot t5 unit. This should nicely compliment my 1.2x1.5 flower room and allow me to run the flower room on a constant 12 12.


As I said, things are changing and with this too comes the genetics. Autos have done me great over the years, I have pulled some amazing plants thanks to dinafem and hopefully showed the world what can be done with them and that they have a place. Unfortunately that place isnt gonna be with me for a while.


Unless I find something exceptional in these fems and I mean a real keeper then there will only be reg photos in my stable for the forseeable.


Its not because of any grievance I have against them but I want some special mums of specific strains and lineage that are tailored to me and to do some breeding with said genetics.


Update to follow, must get back to work,

All the best and sorry for the rant, whenever I come in here its like therapy

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Lovely strong looking plants there BPB :yep: 


I`ve a cbd 50/50 Nordle for the chop in a couple of weeks hopefully to see what all the fuss is about. 


And I`ve just sown some hacks I`ve of mine I`ve had in the fridge for a few years, I got out of the habit of it with some personal head fucks and forgot how exciting it is to sow your own to see what they will bring to the party, time to concentrate on that again I think. 


I sowed a single NYCD x Smile a few months back, and although it turned out to be a male, it was a really strong plant, so I have sown 5 more along with 5 Psychosis bx2`s (just seen Salty had one as a keeper so it got my attention) I made while I had the original cut a while back, these are to make up the numbers as the free seeds I have sown in the last week are as disappointing as always. 


Sorry to rabbit on, you just piqued my interest again  


atb mate :) 


e2 sp

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I wish i could grow plants that healthy, I live in hope, and at the same time Denial lol


They look awsome @blackpoolbouncer


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Considering you have 8 very different plants you sound to be keeping on top of things and the grow sounds to be progressing well :)


I always love your updates due to the detail and I must say you do have a very expressive way to grow which also attracts a lot of positive attention to your grows  :bong:


You sound super busy so thank you for taking the time to update your diary mate :)


Will check back in on the next update  :bong:


All the best 



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Going into week 8 of flower iirc thereabouts.

Apologies, inbetween resizing and uploading the images dont seem to correspond to the order that i took them or in any order.

I have tried to label them as best I can but being on a crap screen I am struggling to make out whats what.

If anyone is particularly arsed about anyone in particular I will find out for you but it is late and its taken most of the night to get this lot uploaded and I must hve another spliff, some cereal and go to bed.


Hope the pics arent too shonky



Critical cheese




Moby dick cbd




Cookie Kush.........the only girl who shows any real sign of over feed but certainly not enough for me to give a shit at this stage of her life






Critical +2.0 






Purple Trainwreck




Green Crack...........pretty much the only girl in the room who is a bit hungry





Underdawg Og









Green Crack..........hungry but really, not so bad at alllarge.5a53fc203f540_IMG_20180108_485761.jpg


 Moby CBD




The star of the room imo 

Blue Widow




Moby CBD



Still all being fed the same.


Last feed I decided to drop the calmag on them all and they all got 5ml pl of bloom and 2 ml pl of seaweed.

Splitting the feed tomorrow so ill update along with some photos of the grow room and my setup.


There ya go, warts n all, they are a wee bit droopy today, its either they are shy for the photoshoot or the fact it was freezing here today and being in a caravan temps annoyingly dropped down to 18' due to a minor issue so they arent just praying quite as prettily as they were yesterday when I fed.

Another couple of weeks and we will be in business


Roll on harvest


Peace out

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