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Remo Chemo - Operation Germination.

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Hey 420,

I hope everyones well, after having had a rather mental day yesterday, I've decided there's nothing better to do than sit down and type out a few words with a cup of tea as my wife starts on the roast.

Here we are then its Sunday 23rd March, its flowering day 58 and as of 11.07am my tent stats are ...

24hr Temps Max 28.5c Min 20.2c

Current Temp 26.4c

Humidity 43%

I'm proper gutted over the enforced chop this week as everything was going so bloody well,but mistakes happen and I won't argue with having more early smoke I guess.





I cant be ungrateful to mother  nature, or which ever mother is in charge of indoor growing, as I've had no deficiencies or weird quirks to deal with at all and that can only be down to the Dinafem genetics to start with. Next the Guanokalong products that have performed perfectly the whole way.

I cant forget the Black Dog Led unit that forces plants to form as many trichs as is genetically possible even if they really dont want to lol


I just wish I could fund one big enough to do my tent and not use supplemental lighting as the results would be spectacular I'm sure. Infact any prospective Black Dog buyers should just bite the bullet and handover the cash,you won't regret it.

Being the first person to use a system as DIY and peculiar as mine has added to the risks but It's performed well so far I think. 


I do have a change or two to make that I think is holding things back a little. Firstly is allowing more veg/root time after going into final pots. The plants that have done best on my rig are the ones whose roots escaped the pot early and grew along the channel. Obviously for those plants pot size is irrelevant as they can root out as much as they want.

The plants that didn't quite root out enough are still limited by the pot size as they would be in a normal grow, and especially so as theyre in small 3l pots.

I'm already on top of vegging time though as the next seedlings are already 6 weeks old and have roots to die for. Im also addressing pot size and going for 6ltrs that will reduce plant numbers to 12 (4x3) but im sure I will gain in yield and probably overall quality to.




When I designed my kit I planned for it to be ultra versatile and now ive done a full grow on it, its time to step into the planned unknown.

Ok it's basically 2 U circuits and a single tank but for my next grow 1 U circuit (6plants) will be using compost and wicks again with it's own tank and pump.

The other U circuit will be running 3 plants with wicks in 100% COCO and the other 3 plants will be in full hydro mode in a 90cm shared pot of clayballs. That group also has its own tank and pump. Obviously both the coco and clay balls have zero nutrition which means they'll roughly need the same level of nutes to flourish so sharing a seperate tank of Guanokalong nutes will be perfect for them.




So In effect I'll be running 3 seperate methods of growing all at the same time which may be a big ask but we must push ourselves forwards even if done grudgingly or our pasts become our futures and no one should live in the past.

No matter how much effort it takes to make that first step into any new challenge, no matter if small or large, you must take it so you are in control of your real future, not limited by your past and forced to live in a world surrounded and held prisoner by our own demons and internal limitations,so take it steady and step by small step you'll move towards a future youve chosen rather than one that's forced on you by your own percieved fragility.





Back from the future...

I have to admit that when my wife and I cleaned the system on Thursday I may have forgotten to photograph the Remo properly before putting them back..hmmm....and being a little to lazy (bad pain day) to get them out again I did a big round of in situ photographs,some of which I've spread through this update as I had so many. The remainder are here,enjoy......




































































There we go then another weeks growing is done and dusted and I'm looking forward to getting the new Dinafem strains into some pots v'v'soon.

Have a great Sunday people.


Edited by Badbadger
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Time for me to check out "operation germination". Your at day 57 of bloom and those buds have stacked up fantastic and trichome production is going crazy which must be down to the black dog LED  :)


As you are using Gk organics I don't necessarily think you need to do a flush but what are your thoughts? 


Going of the pictures I would say 7-10 more days would you agree my friend? 


As always a great update. Filled with info and documented every step of the way :yep:


A super detailed update which I must say a huge thank you for and keep up the great work as harvest approaches  :)


Beautiful work so far and harvest is just around the corner  :)


All the best 



Edited by Dinafem-Mark
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Hey 420,


Wow! times slipped and It's been a bit of while since my last update I but it's been mental here. It's still school holidays and I've been beavering away on my next grow which is Dinafems Purps#1 and Purple Moby Dick.




This update may well turn out to be the last before cropping and to be honest my mind melts at the name Remo Chemo each time I have to even think about it,apologies Dinafem!


To be fair though this is my second Remo grow in 6 months and if I didn't know it's going to rip my optic nerves out before blending my brain and drinking it like a brain smoothy through a bendy straw I'd be a bit bored but even the fluff buds pin you in your seat and the quality of this grow is way above my last.


 Yeah there have been frustrating little issues but the skills needed to fix those can only be learnt through experiencing them in the first place so I'm alright about it.







Today's Sunday 8th April,were at flowering day 71,ten weeks in., and as at 9.45am my tent stats are as follows....

24hr Temps Max 28.0c Min 20.3c

Current Temp 22.5c

Humidity 43%

The plants have began the flush and I'm only adding Guanokalongs  tatse enhancer, judging by the small tester buds of the ones I cut early it works well. Flavours are maxed with so much rich aroma it's almost over powering.


It absolutely honks in the jar to which wasn't the case last time round.The second that Kilner lid is popped the house is filled with stanky deep wafts of Remo that flow in tsunamis of aroma made worse by grinding it.






There isn't to much I can really add at this point so I'll get on with the photos I think.....






































































All being well they should be chopped before the next update so next time might be a recap,crop photos followed by a smoke report.



@Dinafem-Mark I hope I've done enough over this diary to make it useful to you,Dinafem and others in some way.


There were a couple of errors of my own making but I've learnt from them like we all should but overall it's been of good quality I think.


I've been no social butterfly here of late, as youll notice in the reply count, but the diary itself is cleaner for that in a way I think.Ive not been in a great place for most of it but my need to grow,both physically and spiritually, is still strong and has only been dulled by my personal life not the life here online amongst the good fellows at 420.


Thank you again,hope your doing well  and I'll see you in my purps + dick diary (man that sounds dodgy lol) mate.

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You've done more thank enough my friend and we selected you well for this project  :)


Your super close to the finish line and I must admit I'm seeing a lot more trichome production from LED grows  :)


The time is coming to end this diary, get those scissors out and your fingers sticky  :)


Then onto the 2 new purple additions to the Dinafem girls  :bong:


Fantastic job mate and as always a great update filled with deatail. Just what we wanted :yep:


All the best 



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Outstanding diary Badger and the Remos are tip top mate, cooked them out lovely :yep:

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Your photos are pretty much a work of art,  apsolutely lovely

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@Mimicker these were done by @Badbadger and I'm not to sure how he is as not been online in some time. I hope he is ok ;)


All the best 



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