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Remo Chemo - Operation Germination.

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Great piece of kit mate and a super addition to the grow room :)


The Remo Chemo are coming on a treat and thank you for keeping this going to show future progress :yep:


@Crentz I'll hit you up in the pm,s mate always nice to have multiple methods so we will taje you up on this offer  :bong:


Looking great so far my friend  ;)


All the best 



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Thanks @Dinafem-Mark


More than happy to help out any way I can mate:yep:

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@Crentz Thanks mate it's done :yep:


All the best 



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@Dinafem-Mark how you doing mate? all cool? bit of a mish mash update but the full ones coming soon.


@botanics thanks buddy, yeah it would be stupid money for a light  but man what quality it is. Theres some interesting research on the site but as always the proof is in the pudding so let's see how it does.


@Fragg I ended up loving the Remo and it definitely works as intended. Infact swapping across to another strain gave me a touch of a withdrawal I think, swapping from a long term v'high thc content to a mid strength could cause a reaction or two maybe. I felt a bit panicky,anxious and had weird sensations in my damaged joints but it cleared after a few days.


I'm putting in more effort from now on both in training and actual growing. I did a good scrog or two and lst when I started back, but been enjoying watching them grow wild in the meantime, they're just so beautiful to see standing tall aren't they.


The light is beautiful though mate, top quality and from the bit I saw it do over two weeks in my female seeds grow I'm pretty confident. Will pm u buddy.


back to mini update time!


Hey 420,

How's it going guys? staying warm and happily high I hope.

This update is a little different in that it's a little one for Remo nos 10 and a layout of how this grows going to roll.



If you remember, number 10 was the last seed to germinate after 10 days, for a true symmetry it needs to yield 10 ounces (probably could just not in my hands at the moment)

I was preparing everything I needed to do a full update but my system needed cleaning and rebuilding. I then realised nos 10 still needed potting up, so thought I'd honour her with her own micro update. She'll catch up under the Black Dog light, judging by the response from her sisters.

So today's Wednesday 17th January, and as of 13.28 the tent stats are as follows...

24hr Temps Max 27.9c Min 20.4c

Current Temp 26.3c

Humidity 45%

As youll see in her photos shes a healthy little thing. Where I'd been a bit blasè and rushed watering last time it cleared away the compost from one of her roots a little,here it is, mmmmm furry.... lol



and here she is ...



She and all of her sisters will be grown using 10mm nylon wicks again. They will be brought up on a cocktail of Guanokalong Compost, the one with the Guano and amendments already in. Thats going to be mixed 50/50 with Plagron coco. Nutes will be Guanokalong Grow, Bloom and the finishing Guanokalong taste booster to.

It's my first dabble into coco, but the Guanokalong nutes are fine to use in straight Coco grows, so on the horizon will be a full Coir grow using the Guanokalong products. I considered going Coco this time, but wanted to get a grip on the products in compost first to get a feeling on dosage/usage before diving in.

The wicks wont pull from a sump this time though, they will just sit in my new DIY water/nutes circulating system, it's been tested for a month solidly now so snags are ironed,and it's ready to roll. It's basically two U shape drainpipe circuits with space for 4 pots on each straight. Each side is fitted with a piece of 2 x 1 to give a nice footing for the pots.

They're fed by two submersible pumps adjustable from 200ltrs < 1200ltrs an hour. Feeding from a 50 litre tank,it will be timed to run 15 minutes every hour. Each pump is sat in a thin sock to filter.

On It's return, each of the circuits drains down a ramp inside one leg of a pair of tights. They have enough give to fit as is, so no mucking about and they collect any debris the water picks up on its travels.



I've fitted one pump with a t piece and valve, so I can use it to drain the tank each week, through a hose to my wet room and down the pan. So absolutely no water lifting/shifting for Mrs B.

That's kept warm by a good, adjustable aquarium heater mounted to a wire base away from the plastic floor. Air is supplied by a twin outlet pump feeding out to four stones, so it's more 'Soda Stream' than a gentle fish tank bubbler. The Guanokalong products are fine in a true hydro grow and will be at base levels from start to finish, with any extra being done top down.

Since my return to growing I've never done two grows quite the same, but that's financially lead really. This time I needed-

Large holding Tank.
2 Submersible Pumps,food grade hosing, fittings.
Wickes Guttering, straights, bends and caps,
Aquarium heater,
Mounting brackets,screws, silicon sealer etc.

I managed to find all of the above for £64, I had a suitable timer already.



My next update will be with all plants and a pictorial tour round my set up (it might make sense to you then!)

Stay safe guys and keeeeeeeeeeeep smoking!
(My wife watches strictly NOT me chaps! honest lol )



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I'm doing very well my friend thank you for asking and so are the Remo by the look of things :yep:


I have to say a big thank you from my boss as I showed him this and he was very appreciative  :yep:


It is a great addition for the new grower or a grower who gas not tried this strain.


Thank you for continuing on the adventure. Everything looks to be doing well :)


Hope you are doing well mate? And as always thank you for the diary update  :bong:


All the best 



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@Dinafem-Mark hey chap,just to say I have a confirmed case of man flu and will update asap.


All's well,their in final pots with wicks now, and they already look far better than the last Remo I did, healthy, stocky and compact. Should be two weeks more veg then into flower.


Now where's Mrs B to mop my brow.



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On 25/01/2018 at 1:34 PM, Badbadger said:

All's well,their in final pots with wicks now, and they already look far better than the last Remo I did, healthy, stocky and compact. Should be two weeks more veg then into flower.


Now where's Mrs B to mop my brow


Things sound to be doing well brother :yep:


So you have the flu also :( both myself and the wife are laid up and in bed :(


Should lift in a day or 2 in the mean time plenty of edibles and Lemsip lol


Thanks for the update mate :)


All the best 



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Introducing Remo rootball art, its a thing apparently.


Hey 420,

Other than this ridiculously stupid Flu, thats decided to mug me right off and is still kicking me firmly in the butt, I'm kind of ok but thanks to the darn virus it's taken nearly a week to get this update together. Still feeling rough though hmmm.

Some good news, last week I became the owner of a another 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m tent that is now a dedicated seedling/veg tent on 18/6 and giving me a dedicated flowering tent on 12/12 (at f*****g last!)



This will really help to get things rolling quicker, saving 3-5 weeks of veg time on each grow, because until now I had to veg and flower in the same tent, which is a bitch and forced me to push things at times, making stupid mistakes.

Today is Tuesday 30th of January, it's flowering day 2! and as of 10.23am my tent stats were as follows...

24hr Temps Max 27.1c Min 22.3c.

Current Temp 25.9c

Humidity 55%

My return to the land of Remo has been an enjoyable road to travel having learnt a few lessons last time.


This time there are a few changes though. They will be grown in Guanokalong complete compost with wicks again but since last time I found a far simpler way.





I cut a load of individual wicks from 10mm nylon braid, I melt one end to seal it and push 2inches of galvanised wire through that sealed end to hold it on the compost surface once fitted. Then fashion a piece of 2mm wire thats 6 inches longer than the pot, bend a tight hook on one end and twist into a circle at the other.


Fitting them needs to be done within 24hrs of potting up to ensure no damage to the roots. Carefully feed the wire hook up a drainage hole making sure it stays in the new compost in the pot, not damaging the old rootball, hook the wick on and pull it back down through the pot,job done, like this...




After a few weeks of testing, fixing and adjusting, I'm happy to be able to run the whole of my Remo's flowering process on my new circulating system.It was designed to supply fresh, well oxygenated fluids simply and reliably to each pots wicks. I also made sure it was damn easy to clean and to service,no water carrying for the wife, she's happy lol

The 80 ltr, (50ltrs used) reservoir tank has a good quality aquarium heater in it, two flow adjustable, submersible pumps capable of delivering from 200ltrs ->> 1500ltrs per hour into and around the two drain pipe circuits that return flow back into the tank,here are the gutters before fitting...




set up and flowing...







In typical 'make and do' style, I had to find a simple way of filtering the return flow catching any detritus falling from the pot bottoms, and after extensive testing (once) I fitted a pair of tights onto the two feeds to catch that debris. Randomly they fitted each pipe perfectly without any adjustments other than positioning,here they are in place lol...



As mentioned above I'll be using Guanokalong nutes,they will be joined by 3 products from Microbe Life Hydroponics, namely Photosynthesis Plus, Nourish L and Rootdip.

The Microbelife products can all be used alongside any other nute regime and in every grow system, even hybrid,weird DIY ones!

As I'm feeding through wicks all nutes will be added to the holding tank. With air feeds and a little warmth my Remo will be grown on a continually brewing tea, packed with natural,organic goodies from the Guanokalong and Microbe life products.


I'm currently using the products at low strengths to help the plants adjust should they need a pep up along the way. I really don't want to, as I want to get this system nailed for a whole grow, but If needs be I will slip them a little something on top if they need it. 


Nute doses per litre are as follows ....


Guanokalong Grow/Bloom .5ml


Microbe Life Hydro in single doses of...


Photosynthesis Plus 30ml


Nourish L 30ml


Rootdip 30ml





The bit of warmth in the fluid makes it up the wicks into the compost really quite well, an extra bonus I wasnt expecting to be so effective. Another plus of having that warmth is my lights off temps are far more stable.Humidity may become a problem later in flowering though. To combat it I'm working on the lid from the tank to fit it back on with snug ducting for power cables and air supply. Of course it will still release a continual,steady heat supply like a radiator just with lessened evaporation from it.

Let's get into the plants then shall we. Each and every plant is in tip top health, they were topped at the 5th internode and they went into their final 3 litre pots of Compost/Coir last week, nice rooting....












So you know which is which here they all are laid out now with some non Dina Kush sisters ....






As you can see they can fit four to a row on the gutters and can be swapped round easily to keep a good canopy level.


You may of read lighting is Black Dog Led Phytomax 2  200w (actual) and two Mars Hydro, 2 x 145w actual.I have them set up like this....




As I (wife really) had a chance 'we' cleared everything right out and reinstallled everything properly. The Black Dog is hung centrally from the tent roof with steel cables and chains for height adjustments.The two Mars Hydros are fitted to a frame that is height adjustable with ratchets strong enough to raise the Bismarck if needed, they actually came with the Black Dog, but no matter how strong they're meant to be I wasn't going to hang a near £1000 light on nylon cord. I fitted the Mars so I can now adjust the angle they sit at also. That means I can ensure the footprints from each unit nicely overlap correctly and pushes good light levels out to the plants on the side gutters.





I have the pumps timed to come on for 15mins in an hour, as the wicks don't need to be continually submerged and a drop in levels causes moisture in the compost to drain drawing oxygen into the root zone much like classic top feeding does once every few days, but once every hour. To make sure the tank contents dont sit cooking up for the 45 mins left, I also timed the pumps to be on at different times which means the fluids are not sitting for more than 15 minutes without one pump circulating at least, hopefully that'll stop me brewing a dead microbe stew instead of a delightfully microbial infusion served at sipping temperature lol 


Here are a few pink pics....

































Yesterday the water uptake went nuts so I can be sure the Remo girls have found the wicks and are indulging themselves lavishly. In the last Remo grow they really rooted down out of the pot and into the sumps which was great but were a bitch to handle and clean without damaging them.


With my set up I can now enjoy the luxury of 'guttercam'....









It does also introduce the possibility of "GUTTERCAM LIVE" lollol


I'm leave you with a shot I took about 20minutes ago, until next time.




@Dinafem-Mark apologies for the delay it's been a bitch of a few days and Im shattered. Hope that's all up to spec for you and you don't mind the non Dina Kush in the corner! take care mate.




Edited by Badbadger
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Hey 420,


I made some adjustments today so popped off a couple of shots afterwards for a micro update on flowering day 3.


I noticed earlier that the two rows on the outside were not developing quite as nicely as the two rows up the middle are.


The middle two are directly under the Black Dog light and really look perky and glossy. The outside rows are healthy and in great nick but not quite as "pumped" as the others.


It's hard not to say that the ones under the Black Dog are healthier but they do look it, and they are stretching already. One issue with wick growing is it can turbo boost the stretch, its down to having limitless fluids I think but aslong as their happy I'll deal with it one way or another.


To help bring the outer rows of plants up to being level with the middle rows, I decided to lower the 2 Mars Hydros by 10 inches to help canopy penetration and up intensity under them.


Firstly, here's a pic of them under the Black Dog only, you will see when compared against the Mars that the spectrum it outputs is paler containing more white, see....




Here's a shot with both Mars and the Dog....




hmmm blurple, does anyone want to swap two Mars Hydro for another Black Dog? lollol


To get settled for a week, as I have alot on in the next few days, I drained the the tank today. I use a battery pump with a narrow hose that reaches into my wetroom. I connect it up, switch it on and wait for a bit, job done. I cleaned and refilled it with 45 litres of crisp Wiltshire water through the waste hose so no water shifting for Mrs B.


To that I added....


Guanokalong Grow .5ml per litre.


Guanokalong Bloom .5ml per litre. 


Guanokalong Taste Improver .5ml.


Microbe Life Hydroponics...


Photosynthesis Plus 50ml shot.


Nourish L 50ml shot.


Rootdip 50ml shot.


The air supply is turned right up, heater temp is set at 19c, pumps are on timers so I can leave them for a while and just pop my head in when I can, the joy of wicks and compost mixed with a little tech and diy.


To finish I have a couple of canopy shots to show you how happy they are, take a peek.....







If you compare shots from the last update you'll see that they're fired up and happily building into mature plants.


Trunk formation is far better than any grow I've done for a while, which is nice to see. Aromas at this stage are simple and sweet hashy as usual. 


There we go then, I hope you enjoyed my little update and I'll be back in a few days with another big update.


Stay safe people.



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Fantastic updates Badger :yes: 


The work and efforts your wife and yourself are engaging with in order to produce quality herb, that is grown with all the love and attention they could possibly require is outstanding and the extent of these journal entries with such detailed instruction is something to be proud of indeed mate.


Always do you both put maximum effort into updating the ongoing process.  The science with this system you are honing and refining via observational study, trial and error and relentless pursuit of mastery deserves the recognition for what it is....Top efforts and outstanding growing with plants are tip top and now that you are running two tents, hopefully it will mean no more empty jars...


Talking about the two tent/cab set up, I'm finding a perpetual system with the couple of beans planted every few weeks a good move aye, jar full of Remo still left and plenty to keep me in smoke for a while as they are hard as rock and dense, got Skunk #1 coming down this weekend and that will fill a jar when dry plus at the same time, I'll put the SF Lemon Kush in and already I've two Cream Caramels in bloom which will they'll be three weeks in by that time.  Another six and they'll be down...aye I'm seeing a much better way of growing ;)


Get well soon and keep up the fantastic work mate and I really do hope you pick up one of these Dinafem/Roor bongs as a prize Badger, you deserve it mate for the efforts you put in :notworthy:

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@botanics thank you so much for your kind words, they genuinely mean a lot to me,especially at the moment.


I still have flu but I know it's good old English flu as I was tested last week, so up yours aussie flu! lol Im picking up slowly though.



Behind that, Ive had a couple of poor medical test results over the last few months that have shaken my mental foundations quite hard and trapped me into a bit of a dark corner, being unsociable here and hiding away generally. The only escape from those dark shadows are the bright lights of my tent and the care of my close family, I'm sure I'll find my way back to lighter days once my heads squared away a little. 


Every time I've finished a grow I sit down and plan the next 'evolution' of my DIY madness but it's now beginning to come together as one system that's replicable for not much money and hopefully it works for a whole grow this time.


I to am drifting towards smaller, quicker rotations but there's nothing like watching a whole tent come together at the same time and that sense (false sense really!) of having an impending, relatively massive, cannabis bounty you can dive into with abandonment for weeks or months....mmmmmmm what a feeling!


Having to, in the main, grow in return for diaries is also getting tiring and is really quite stressful, I know youve gotten tired of it at times to.


Managing the panic of having to grow seriously  for meds is like living on a knife edge, always looking for that next offer for supplies is really exhausting. Then if I win something I've already commited to the next offer and don't have the time/space to grow it out. It's an embarrassment of riches in a way for sure, but it takes alot of the soul out of it and it becomes 9-5 work in a way. Couple that to my personality that exists to never let anyone/thing down, ever, and it drags you to the bottom pretty quick when it goes wrong as all life does at times.


I'm enjoying this grow immensely though, I planned it out for weeks before hand, getting all the kit together bit by bit, penny by penny! building and testing it as I went. All good fun and how it should be.


Im trying to find a way to get around all of that pressure and I do have an iron or two in the fire that will help me to grow at my own pace hopefully.


I hope your grow gives you some nice quality and your jars stay topped up, I have 4 or 5 strains at the mo so am switching between them at will and that's good for what I need. 


 I was unsure about doing another full grow of Remo but once I finished my last lot my body told me it needed more of it, lots more infact, so I'm glad Mark asked me to do this one,thanks again @Dinafem-Mark


Take care botanics and thanks again.







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Hey 420,


As I was clearing the tank out yesterday I took the opportunity to take a Remo Chemo pictorial roll call.


I went through them one by one and numbered them so I can call back for comparisons as they develop, here they are ....





































and lastly it's little number 10, if you remember, it was the last of the seeds to germinate and took 10 days. If you notice it's now the biggest plant of them all, go on number 10!!!




As you can see their stretching but as of yet it's not extreme although it's very early days and I have nightmares of monster stretch from Gorilla Haze that really tested my resolve!




When I refilled the tank, I gave them the first shot of Guanokalong Bloom at a very diluted strength, but by this morning 8 plants had a very small touch of nute burn.


Before my last Remo grow, Mark told me they were light feeders and 100% yes they were but I never really pinned it down to a more specific statement. This time round they've been fine with Grow nutes up to a reasonable level but one dose of Bloom has gone straight to the tips.




As we reach the end of another ad hoc update, I'm reasonably confident that England will teach the Italians a lesson in Rugby tomorrow unless they have a "scottish" moment lol gotta love them plucky Scots! (I like them really but it's a tough old game)


Night all and hope your feeling better soon @Dinafem-Mark 


Edited by Badbadger
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I love this thread! You put so much dedication and detail into your diaries and the pictures leave me thinking I'm having a "flashback" lol


Very trippy pictures which fit this perfectly :)


Love the automated setup which looks very easy to use, interchangeable with the plants and should allow time away with automated feedings :yep: Nice addition!


The Remo are looking tip top and now growing at a steady pace :)


When I approached you for this project I new you were going to do a good job. You have gone way beyond what we could have asked so thank you so much :)


This guide has already helped 12 growers around the world that I know of so please keep this updates as quite a few people are watching :)


Impressive so far brother. Keep up the great work and continued updates  :) very much appreciated!


All the best 



Edited by Dinafem-Mark
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@Dinafem-Mark it's not a problem mate, I'm surprised 12 people can understand what I've done lol I've been working on the art a bit more as youll see just below,thanks fella.





Hey 420,

Today's update is just about the fine tuning and use of my set up with a few arty bits thrown in for colour.

Having so many controllable variables in my new system enables me to control every aspect of a plants growth. I've spent so long planning this out and getting it physically running right, before I even thought about playing with it.


To figure out what works best in my new enviroment will take time, but I can start testing things more precisely now it runs correctly.

I'm growing in compost/coco 50/50 so the general rules around using that medium, as most of us know, are about building good micro fauna and feeding them whilst supplying enough moisture but without over saturation for extended periods which would damage nute uptake leading to deficiencies and a myriad of other issues.



It's not a true compost grow though, as all fluids/nutes will enter the compost through wicks, a simple, old school hydroponic technique.

Wick growing has it's quibbles certainly, but using wicks hands control of fluids over to the plants themselves, to use as much or as little as they want,simple.

It's not like forcing water up a hose water boarding the plants. Each wick has a limit to what it can draw and on how much it can hold. So if the plants are taking in alot more fluid, as during flowering for instance, it is used up quickly but is endlessly replaced through capillary action.

If uptake slows then capillary action stops once the wicks holding capacity is reached, and no more will draw up until it's used by the plant, so it cannot over water itself.

I do have to watch the top third of the pot occasionally as the roots in that zone can get a bit dry and start dying back. This isnt helped by the plant always searching for the largest,reliable water source it can find, and once found it abandons roots higher up,dying back some low down vegetation losing leaf power!


To test how well the wicks are drawing you just have to squeeze the braid tops poking out of the compost. If you feel one thats bone dry it means water isn't making it the whole way up.


After checking a few pots from previous grows that had this issue, it turns out its because the root system wasn't developed enough to connect heavily with that wick high up in the pot.


Space in a pot without roots in it is wasted space so root out those pots guys,wicks or not.


Here's a photo showing how well roots travel down the  inside of the wicks before branching out, its a bit weird but the wick itself becomes a mainline root really....




As you can see the root progresses down inside the braid before popping out into the wet stuff for a drink.


If I do spot a pot that is drying up top, I run a couple of plain wicks up the outside of the pot and coil them around the surface, that easily  supplies enough fluid to stop it happening and enabling roots to build in that area through the grow.


If you set it up correctly and veg to root out the final pot there is little chance of dry layers developing in the first place, it just needs patience.

The guts of my system is just a simple DIY hydroponic system. But simple or not, there are many different problems that could arise when using it.

I use a timer to control how much fluid is fed out. The timings can be set to run for 15 minutes out of an hour for instance, then over the remaining 45mins the pot will begin draining,drying very slightly.

So if I change that to 30mins on out of 180 mins slots, it introduces a short draw/drain/dry cycle that repeats. The trick will be finding the balance to allow draw/drain/dry to happen enough whilst still delivering enough moisture and nutes to the plants.


My system needs to deliver suitable amounts of those nutes whenever needed,it needs to maintain good oxygenation, it has to control fluid temperature to hold and deliver fluids in the right narrow temp band. It also requires a brand of nutes that are versatile enough to work in my grow contraption!



My flower tent is always on 12/12 with lights on 8am and of at 8pm.

Of course lighting times are, as far as the plants are concerned, replicating Sun up and Sun down when out in the big wide world. I've tried to replicate what would be a relatively natural cycle and supply the elements needed at the right time. 

So Sun up/lights on 8am

15min feed at 8.15am to allow the plant to feel the warmth of the lights before being fed.Then fed every hour for 15 minutes through to 9pm.

Sun down/Lights off 8pm

From 9pm onwards feed is on for 15mins every 3hrs until 6am then off until the breakfast feed at 8.15am.

I went for larger periods of rest over night because photosynthesis obviously stops during lights of. However, there are many processes that continue throughout the night that need support and access to the right "stuff". Root development doesn't stop at lights of either and the longer breaks between each feed are to make sure O2 is able to penetrate the slowly drying compost.




Obviously there is a big bonus to having large amounts of warmed fluids around, and that is to release its heat up into the tent which ensures ambient temps do not get to low after lights of.

It does however increase tent humidity so the tank is sealed to stop as much of that escaping as is possible, but it definitely means I'll need to upgrade my extraction system before it becomes a rot fest, but plans are underway to solve that.


The longer lights off timings keep fluids bubbling for longer between feeds, maximising O2 saturation before it's delivered to the wicks and recycled.


I've happily discovered that the warmth of the feed makes it up the wicks to the compost really well. That was a real surprise to me, but a very much appreciated one and it means root temps are stable 24/7/365. The roots now have a happy home whilst being regularly treated to perfectly cooked goodness helping them do their thing while the fans up top snooze at night.

This update started as a quick layout but as I'm now up to hundreds of words, pre typed and edited into two memos, always a bad sign but I did a 5 memo update not so long ago hmmmm.

Im done now anyway, I hope it's not come over as total gobbledygook, if it does and you think I'm mad as a bag of badgers,your probably right.



The picture right at the top of this post is the original I worked on and put together, the copies further down are flava' twists on it but still pretty.


Take it easy growers and feel the peace y'all.


Normal photo update will be next up and I have flowers,small ones but still flowers lol

Edited by Badbadger
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Hey 420,

Well,I'm still alive so that's a good thing, but even better- my Remo are still alive, a minor miracle in itself seeing as they are a test vehicle for my nutty professor grow techniques that I explained last time but even I get confused with it some times.

Im just going to take it by  scruff and dive straight into the plants, so lets get things...rolling.... (another classy joke,I'm on a roll)





Today's Friday the 9th of February, it's flowering day 11 (from flip incase you wondered.)

The stats on badgers bedroom grow tent are as follows...

24hr Temps Max 27.4c Min 19.3c

Current Temp 25.6c

Humidity 43%

This grow was always going to be simple. When it came to training my plan was, to be a bit radical it seems these days, to remove as few fans as possible,there I've said it !! I like fan leaves and so do our plants, they told me in my dreams lol


They appear to be viewed as a useless fashion accessory for a plant to have in this modern era of growing, and are only left on by retro growers.


"Leaves are for life not just for vegging" is my new motto on greenery.

Plants grow fans for a reason and I'm not qualified enough to dispute aeons of evolution so I leave them be. 

Anyhoooo... (badger winds his neck back down into his warm burrow) This week I slowly trimmed away any non viable bud sites and left as many fans as I possibly could. It was actually only about 9 small branches over all 10 plants so it wasn't a full scale assault.




Sit back relax, exhale and imagine your in the 70's and your watching Take Hart from bitd...











.....back in the room...


 You must progress gently through my update treading carefully as...


         (duh duh duuuuh)


This week's pic from the root zone shows how quickly and forceful our plants drive roots down out of the pot looking for goodies to munch and fine Wiltshire water to sip. You can see how they keep on driving down within the braid itself, have a quick zoom if you like ....



I have no idea why, but looking at those shots makes my stomach churn as the little ones pop out the sides, it's like watching one of those blokes from Papua New Guinea with the massive warty leg or a head which looks as if its fashioned from a pit roasted pumpkin,you know what I mean, edgy, weird, and uncomfortable to watch, funny how such random visual images can stir up a physical response.

My maintenance job this week was to tidy up the lower trunk, make sure cuts from the pruning were healthy and sealed. Any small fallen fans were discarded and each wick was "tweaked" as I went round to make sure it was delivering fluid as it promised.




It's now registration time in my class of Remo Chemo ... nos 1 kicks it of, if you didnt know that number 1 was first, I suggest you hit some quality Haze for a week or two and get back to me lol ............

...."ok number 1 your up".......









































They are all stretching but it feels far less than my last Remo grow and can assume that's down to LED growing alone. As the stretch slows im going to fit the pots with canes for support as things develop.



To fill up your quota of Canna pictures, here are a few extra......

















Sunday is strip down and scrub day this week so I'll include all that involves in next week's update.

For me,this weekend is all about quality Bacon rolls, a smoke, Rugby, and the Olympics. Because im special, the wife's baking Rock Cakes for an afternoons munch, she makes them extra rocky so they can be dunked......"mmmmmmmmm duuunk-a -licous......arrgghhhlllllll" as Homer would say lol

As Jim sung....


"This is the end, beautiful friend
This is the end, my only friend, the end
Of our elaborate plans, the end
Of everything that stands, the end
No safety or surprise, the end
I'll never look into your eyes, again"


until next time that is.

Good bye good friends.




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