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Seeds needed tomorro

Hi guys..


Bit of advice needed, I started growing 5 x Sensi seeds but I only managed to get 1 to grow. Kicking myself as I put them in soil far to early.


I'm trying to find out where I can source seeds tomorrow if possible, don't want to wait 5-7 days for the mail order.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated..




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How do you put them in soil too early? 

Id revise your germination process before planting the next seeds.

The sponsors here should have your seeds to you this week if you get them ordered sharpish. 

It's either that or drive to a headshop to buy some 

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5-7 days seems long? ,you will haveto get down to ya local shop like bouncer said or pick express delivery online?


i would have to agree on the germination as well,do you soak your seeds first? it can help in germination if soaked in tepid water for 12-24hr(until tap root pokes out),mind you if its good seeds they will germ straight in the medium too just fine in my experience.


its all about learning from the mistakes,dont worry too much :yep:



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Take 5 cuttings later on.



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I take my seeds out of the packaging and put them into compost, germination isn't rocket science.

If you're growing in compost and you have fresh seeds, simply sow a seed in a hole about an inch deep in a small pot. Carefully water, not too much, just nicely moisten the compost.

Keep it warm if you can, an airing cupboard is ideal....add a splash of water again if necessary, they should appear in about 4 days. :yep:

If you have them in a dark space, be vigilant as you don't want the new seedlings stretching in the dark.

No need to do anything else if you're growing in compost in my opinion. :yep:



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@Captain Bonglington  couldn’t agree more :yep:


I’m no expert and I’m quite simple so I keep it simple :clown:

I soak them for 24 hours, sow in small pot with my own mix of seed compost, apply a bit of warmth for a couple of days and then straight under a light to stop the little feckers stretching

I hate stretching, never hated anything or anybody in my life but I hate seedlings that stretch :taz::eek:


@marcjuna Agree with comments about cuttings. I’m cuttings barmy. Everytime I prune, top or defoliate I find myself thinking "That looks like a great little cutting" :shock:

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Not sure of your set up but any seed your trying to start in the winter needs to be kept warm, they wont germinate in freezing cold soil.

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