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bazil brush

rooting gel

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I did the epsom salts with little or no effect and have been using Germolene which seems to be preventing it from getting any worse but not clearing it up.


I read you have to be careful which honey is used, not recommended to slap a bit of Tesco's best on there.


Still fancy giving the Aloe Vera a try as well.........Thanks guys you've given me some more options to try........:yep:




....adds a whole new meaning to ' cheeseburger '...........onions with that?



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@stu914 if you do try tea tree don't put it straight on an open wound dilute it first

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11 hours ago, stu914 said:

Still fancy giving the Aloe Vera a try as well.........


aloe vera is great for sunburn, but I don't know if it helps with swelling though mate.


its safe to apply to bare skin so if you have some I can't see it causing you any problems trying it out....


e2a: I found this on google mate....


Treating a wound with aloe vera

Aloe vera is a natural antiseptic and it promotes the healing of damaged skin tissue, so it's great for speeding up the healing process. To treat a wound with aloe vera, simply follow these steps:

  • Clean the wound thoroughly.
  • Apply aloe vera pulp to the wound.
  • Wrap tightly with a bandage.
  • Keep the bandage soaked in aloe vera juice.

The wound should heal quickly and there shouldn't be a scar. You can easily remove the bandage. Aloe vera reduces the risk of infection. Do this treatment morning and night to leave no scars and in the case of painful scrapes or scratches, smoothly glide a freshly cut aloe leaf several times over the area during the next 24 hours.


Healing burns with aloe vera

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Just got back from the garden centre with a new addition to the family, I saw her on the shelf with her sisters and couldn't resist picking her up.......:in_love:


I said " aloe vera " luckily that was her name....:wassnnme:.... cheap hussy only cost me a few quid and she let me bring her home, gonna give her a trim tonight...:rofl:





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As has been said, a good soak is useful - if the infection started with a cut, try to soak in water as hot as you can manage - that will help to soften the skin and can even help drain any materials causing the infection - that way the aloe gets the best chance it can to get in there and do its job...


Hope it clears up quickly!

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Wonderful plant Aloe Vera, it has so many uses, from being a natural rooting gel, skin softener/conditioner, instant relief from sunburn, source of a multitude of vitamins(I eat it raw).


I have a few on my terrace including this one which was a cutting taken about 6 months ago. 



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Straight aleo Vera gel works fine for cuttings 

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@Peregrine does aloe make you poop?

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