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water strengthens stems?? who needs silicone?

so on my young new plants i noticed that the ones i misted with water constantly have much more stiff/robust lower-mid stem(comparable to mature stem hardness) to previous runs where i never misted so much,is this a good future practice for strengthening stems? has anyone done it before?


i also peeled off what looked like a sort of thin clear plastic looking skin off one of the said stems(plant created or minerals from tap?),reminded me of like a snake shedding its skin lol  it came off easily with no effect on the plant


is it just the plants natural defense kicking in response to a wet stem driving silicone production for protection?? or something else?


sorry if this is a noobie question im just interested why it occured exactly,thanks in advance.


i have some others that im not misting to see if they come out weaker also.



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