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Mike Hunt

Iws Flood & Drain users - advice, tips, reviews ?

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@Mike Hunt Hey dude ive done F&D multi strain grows a cpl of times with decent results. I have an Alien 9 pot system which is a great bit of kit imo.


Heres a link to one of my previous diaries if you want take a look 

All the best with whatever you choose, if i can answer any questions you have just give me shout and ill do my best to try and help.




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Right then lads, i went and orderd a system. IWS F&D Pro with external remote - 8 Pot with Punch Pots. I went with the punch pots after doing some reading and found that although it drains slower ( not an issue with the hydroton really ), a larger capacity ( 10L over the Aqua pots 6.5L ), and theres always the option of drilling extra holes if need be, that they help to pull more oxygen into the medium. 250Litre flexi tank, IWS Minute Timer, Pro Controller, and all the other bells and whistles.



LETS F&D !!!!!!


:::EDIT::: Also ordered a couple extra meters of pipe aswell as im going to mod it for extra loop backs from the farthest pots and in the middle to help it flood and drain faster.

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