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vince noir rock n roll star

lemonade og for comparisons

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little update ..they had a glass of water ..



all of em out of the tent for a look ..


female seeds lemon kush 

large.101_4468.JPGgorilla lemonade og


sweet seeds sfv lemon kush 


2 gorillas in a basket 

midget gorillas ..


1-female seeds 

2 sweet seeds 

3 gorilla seeds 

4 and 5 gorrilla .

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update ------ its a bit of a bummer but panik and gorrilla lose a point ...i spotted a bigfat nana on top of the comparison lemonade og plant ..obviously all three are under immense enviromental stress competing with each other ..so one fall two submissions or a knock out ..ive pinched out the nana and it gets another chance to compete a bit more but next nana it gets cut out ..dems da rules ...



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2sweet seeds 

3 female seeds 

gorilla were stomping ahead whilst female seeds overly sensitive lemon has gone a bit yellowy ..gonna give them a good drench of seaweed this week ..




large.101_4516.JPGlarge.101_4507.JPGlarge.101_4508.JPGthe two lemonade ogs in the basket ..seem to be fine ..one is different to the other probably cos ones a greedy bastard .

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Jesus vince what a bummer, that lemonade was steaming a head aswell,.. I reckon you've stressed as you said there with the 3 of them competing an all that , the others look ok at the moment lets hope theres no more show there face :ermm: fucking chicks with dicks,.. they giving off a lemon smell yet?

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aye panik ...it is an extreme enviroment for any plant having to share restricted root space of an old medium ..and only being fed seaweed extract without tomato feed ..so its pushing expectations for any plant .like i say its been given grace but anymore and it comes out of the race simply because of other plants in close vacinity 

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