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how did you do ?

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Yea man, I really like it. The one I had smells really cheesy and even looked similar to the clone. Everybody just thinks its cheese ha ha. It tastes like a good old school skunk in a joint and is very much a head high, you feel it in your cheekbones, quite uppy. Very nice, would defo grow again


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Posted (edited)

I'm dreading seeing my plot.. but still looking forward to it for some reason.. my last visit everything was smelling great.. looking great.. I pulled two plants and launched them away from the rest of the plants in august or early September...  due then being mouldy, but everything else was looking and smelling great.. I had a really fruity funkiemonky/easyskanking.. super stinky gorilla haze and  awesome smelling s6.. also quite a nice smelling donkey dick red purps.. small plant but big cola..  but as you know I wasn't in a great place and just left them... 


just to add.. I'm off the tabs... took my last tab Christmas day... not had one since.. so far I'm all good.. its like I'm still on them because there is no change at the moment.. but since coming off of them I feel light headed as fuck.. all dizzy tingly in the head.. not good.. but mood anxiety and depression is fine.. fingers are crossed! I still have my last pick up on stand by.. 2 box's.. fingers crossed I don't need them... sorry to go off topic.. just a little update.. 


back on topic... so the plants was left to mush but ill still have an idea of how they all did when I visit...  obviously I wont see what was good with mould lol  should get a rough idea of what they would have yield.. maybe


next season I'm just gonna turn shit over.. and do a few  plants...  if anyone thinks they are local to me and wants to stick a few in there.. no problem.. you wont need cages or anything just some seedlings..


edit to add.. happy new year! 


also just to add.... I should have asked anyone I thought that was close if they wanted to harvest.. but at the time I didn't care about anything... I never thought id ever use this forum again either.. really was a horrible state of mind.. and I wish id asked one of ya..  



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Nearly went down that road myself mate...

Trying to understand shit fucked my head over.....

Without zug I would be screwed though and sometimes wonder if I could carry on...


Hang in there dude


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