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Starryder questions

Hi after my last fuck up of watering half way through and the poor girl never recovering i have started off 3 newbies today I have a couple of  questions i

can i top the star ryders ?? If so when

secondly what shoould my room temps

can i mix the hessi blue with canna florris for the flowering stage

also how often and what amount of mm should i be putting in and how often

as well as best lighting methoid re 18 6 20 4 or 24

Sorry for asking these questions  but every time ive tried a grow i can only manage to get arround 34 gms average on a sucssefull grow  but yet i notice its possible in optimum condtions ya can get over 80 g per plant

im useing a digital balast (fusion) with a 400 watt metal halide in at the moment then plan on putting my 600 watt hps lamp wen they do come into bud , im useing 7 and half liter pots with holes drilled into them to act as air pots (so to speak ) 

Thank you for your input gents

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Most people don't top autos, bus some do and they often get good results. If you have been struggling to get good results you may prefer to let them grow naturally. Usual conditions are around 25 Celsius lights on, with 20 or even 24 hours of daily light. Maybe 20 hours of daily light would be most traditional. 


i hope that helps !

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