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Something's been snacking on my babies

My eyesight is going a bit these days and despite inspecting the plants very closely, especially around the base of the leaves etc.  I can't find the culprits anywhere.  I've subsequently given them a good spray with Cannacure so hopefully that's killed whatever it is or at least made the plants a little less tasty.  Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be causing the damage.


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Caterpillar, I'd say. They're usually tiny, about 3-4mm and the same green as the plant so they're really hard to see. It will select a small leaf and roll it up using silk and then hide for three weeks while it pupates. Most likely it'll be a little brown moth. I've collected caterpillars off my plants and hatched them in a jar. They look like clothes moths -the type that eat your jumpers. Not much threat to your plant unless it gets infested.

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