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Columbian rain forest. Help required, pleeeease.

Hi Guys.


I'm completely new at growing my own & have made some silly mistakes as I shall show later on. but right now my major problem is the height of my four plants which are NOT autos, in a 2ft x 2ft x 8ft high grow tent.

The plants from the bottom of the pots are over 5ft high. Now that poses the problem that my lights (1 x 300W Hps) (1 x 300W LED from Mars Hydro) are too close to the top of my plants......Much too close.

Now I know about trimming and FIM which must be done at earlier stages in the plants life but I learnt this info too late.  I have also run out of space!


The plants are drop dead healthy but I only kicked them into flowering mode 1 week ago.  I now have about 8 inches from the top of my HPS light and the LED is raised higher and is about one and a half feet from the tops of the plants.


The real question is should I simply trim the plants down from their main stem or should I just scrap two of the four plants and scrog/bend the other two as much as I can at this late stage?


I do need some help and it will be very much appreciated I can assure you.


My two remaining options are to scrap two of them or leave them somewhere and hope they are rescued by someone who can grow them out.


Thank you for listening guys, And believe me, any help will be good.






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If their only 1 week in flower,  you have some time still  to supercrop the biggest & tallest stems to get them lower they will stop stretching around week 3....also do some research on using a scrog net for future grows to help with this...!

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Also, some LST could  still be used. You can bend the stems over without damage and either tie them down or use weights to keep them down.

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