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cannabis infused honey

been getting into various infusions/extractions lately using leaf trim, recently someone recommended to make 'canna-honey'


anyone got any experience with this?


wondering what my options are... got some trim decarbing in oven as we speak.


was hoping i would be able to just add the honey and decarbed trim into a container and allow a slow infusion proccess to happen, or will i need to mix into a pan and heat for a while?


cheers for any help 

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not 100% sure about cannabis and honey but infusing magic mushrooms into honey is very easy, i'm guessing cannabis will be along the same lines. Use a raw unpasteurised honey. it has live bacteria in it. you just throw the shrooms in and let it ferment for several weeks. The honey becomes active. 

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I like some honey on toast before bed,I think Might join you in this mate,Think I will do a slow infuse with a couple of strips of Orange peel


found this 


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I'm all set all I need is honey, orange peel and a jar    :chef:

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I gave this a bash last year..


My method:

decarb'd Northern Lights sugar leaf in muslin bag

steeped in the honey and simmered over bain marie for 3 hours.  Agitate regularly.  May need to add water to honey to keep it fluid.


Pros: very easy to use (I just add some to a cup of tea) and it makes great gifts.

Cons: honey does not take up THC as well as saturated fats such as coconut oil, and also importantly, the whole process can get seriously messy - and therefore wasteful.

Adding concentrate instead of steeping decarb'd leaf would solve both those issues but I havn't tried it yet.

Will be trying again over the next few weeks, this time with added lecithin which worked really well with the lemon haze coconut oil.


Bonne cuisine :yep:


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@Amaethon great jar, love the label too :oldtoker:


i can understand that about oil vs honey, Jimboo's video post above shows a cool little idea of infusing a little decarbed bud & coconut oil, then mixing this into a larger proportion of honey - think im gonna give that a go once i get a canning jar, to be fair i suppose a normal old jam jar will do the trick!?


talking of lecithin, uve sparked another underlying curiosity of mine..


i got some sunflower lecithin to add to my last little mix of coconut oil, and mixed it in at the very end of the process - after the infusion.

well what im wondering is, when is it ok to use lecithin? and what for?


so, could i use it for canna; butter/oil/honey and others even?

whens best to add the lecithin? is at the very end of the process ok?



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