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Wappa - Paradise Seeds



The last few years have been big for Wappa and I am not just talking about her buds. She is an award-winning all-rounder that is eager to please. 


This beauty of Paradise has garnered a reputation on the expo scene as the `the new chronic' or `the new skunk`. 


Known for her impressive yield and easy temperament with novice growers, Wappa is a resilient strain that grows sturdy and stout, making it ideal beginners and pro's alike. In terms of the smoke, Wappa is nice for smoking during the day as it will give a gentle nudge, opposed to knocking you out and some of the feedback we've had suggests, Wappa, appeals to medicinal users as well.


 Strain Game:                                                                           


                                                                            Cup winner:                                                                                Copa de Canarias 2011

                                                                            Cannabis Champs Cup - Toronto Canada 2014



Indica/Sativa Ratio: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

Indoor Flowering Time: From 55 Days to 60 Days

Harvest Month (n.L): Mid October

Harvest Month (s.L): Mid April

Effect/Buzz: Happy, energetic

Smell/Taste: Deep fruit

Yield Outdoor (GR/PP)500 Gr

Yield Indoor (gr/m2)450 Gr


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Huge frosty yielder. One of my fav strains.

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Hi some pics of my Wappa day , grown in soil 6.5l pots hand watered, bio bizz nutes, 600W HPSlarge_Webp.net-resizeimage.jpglarge_Webp.net-resizeimage.jpglarge.5a193655741e9_Webp.net-resizeimage(1).jpg

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Wappa day 57

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