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ZZ does Green Crack and Dr Greenthumbs Em Dog in a vertical scrog.

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Ive been worried the bulb was dodgy as ive only ever seen the cmh work in combination with the 400.  Then I'm thinking ive imagined the extra kick that my weed has with the new bulb added. 

But the pictures don't lie , it is happening , they are fattening . I think I will still be ok with the harvest , eventually. I've just started getting that nice mature smell you get.

I'm also starting to see a nice dusting going on. 

Still no real density to any of the colas yet however. 

This is 7 weeks , but if I said 5 then they wouldn't look that out of place. 

Green Crack on the right. 




Em Dog in the corner is developing its colas. 








Green Crack closer . Looking very different I think , in its bud structure, generally than with the hps. 



Green Crack , I can start to see the finish line. 






Still a big girl the Green Crack. I just hope her buzz is up my street. 

She is such a lovely rapid grower. 



You see she has slightly dominated the Em Dog on the right and taken more of the back wall up. 



As I say I cant say they aren't flowering now. Its bloody well happening lol. 

I just have no idea how it will end up looking , and smoking for that matter. 

I'm pretending they are 5 weeks , not 7 and treating them like that. Ill feed them as such and will probably have to put them 2 weeks back on the end. 

Over and out till the weekend and 8 weeks flowering. 


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Posted (edited)

So glad that the flower stage has really kicked in my friend  :)


This is the first time you have ran this strain in a vertical environment so time will tell how this will finish but I think your going to be pleasantly surprised  :bong:


Will drop back in on the next vertical update mate  :yep:


Kind regards 



Edited by HSO-Mark
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Cheers mate, ive been up and down with this grow like a fiddlers elbow lol.

Thank fuck its the last one out in the garage. 

So here we are at 8 weeks flowering and everything I see tells me 6 tops. 

But I feel I will get there in the end and hopefully the colas will be dense and thick. 

This past week we have had slightly warmer temps and everything seems to have taken on a deeper Green. Healthy and green is a good sign , lets hope they bud well. 

Green Crack 



Em Dog in the corner



Starting to see defined colas now , which again is slightly different than hps as it was more of a scatter ball effect . These are looking like pretty individual little colas. 

Still no consistency to anything, no density yet. But if we say these are 6 weeks flowering then they don't look too sad. 

I'm even doubting myself and my stoner memory if I even flipped them correctly ? I'm sure I did. 

Lets hope they finish normally after a dodgy start. I'm gonna reduce the feed by half this coming week and see how they develop . 



I will get to the end , then its indoors all the way. 

Over and out


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morning. there deffo flowering properly now. it must of been the cold/ plus a change of light, they are growing very dense compared to hps. 

i know as i have 2 x em dogs at 2 weeks flower, on 12/12. and they have stretched a fair bit, the one more than the other. im in a dr120 tent using a 600w hps duel spectrum bulb. 

will be better moving indoors as you say. i used to be a garage grower so i know your troubles.


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Posted (edited)

You can now see they are clearly well into flower and starting to develop some nice looking buds :bong:


It looks like as outdoor temps have increased this has definitely helped :)


Maybe the garage was a little cold and slowing growth and development? 


Now the warmer weather is coming the buds are developing well :)


Thank you for the continued picture updates brother. Things are starting to look back on track  :)


Kind regards 



Edited by HSO-Mark
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Cheers mate

Yeh I will be glad when this grow ends lol. 

So since I dropped their feed down to half and dropped out the boost , you can see the plants have shown it and look hungry , the Green Crack obviously has shown it first and I suppose it has developed another weeks worth. 



I'm figuring on at least another 2 weeks for anything to be near finished. Still there is a lot of trichs but no real  solidness to any of the buds yet and I feel still all quite small. 



The Em dog In the corner not so much , is budding on but has 2 or 3 weeks left easy. 



I will leave them on this feed for another week and see how the buds look. I suspect it will need another week of feed after that and then an week of water. Anyway this level of liming up is good at this stage. I want the plants to use the reserves in their leaves. 



If it goes on for another 4 weeks at this rate I will end up with a similar harvest as the 400hps. 




The Em Dog is Still looking rather green and healthy. I just want them both to start putting some weight on. 



That's the problem with running multi strains , one wants more food than the other often. 




Anyway the end is nigh, temps have been beautiful this past week and at last the leccy blanket has been staying off. 

9 weeks today and I had this down as chop day lol. If I said 6 or 7 then id be happy 

Anyway I'm guessing 3 weeks to go . 




More in a week

Over and out 



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The plants do look hungry mate which is down to the feed reduction. Saying that those buds still have a way to go and are not showing any signs of slowing down  :bong:


Just going of the pictures I would say they have another 3-4 weeks remaing. Would you agree brother? 


Thank you as always for this week's vertical update and I'll drop back in on the next :bong:


Until then :headbang:


Kind regards 



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On ‎22‎/‎04‎/‎2018 at 2:44 PM, HSO-Mark said:

The plants do look hungry mate which is down to the feed reduction. Saying that those buds still have a way to go and are not showing any signs of slowing down  :bong:


Just going of the pictures I would say they have another 3-4 weeks remaing. Would you agree brother? 


Thank you as always for this week's vertical update and I'll drop back in on the next :bong:


Until then :headbang:


Kind regards 




Yes mate I think 3 or 4 weeks left have to be. Puts me at 3 weeks away possibly 2 ?

I really don't know any more with this grow. All I know is my jars are empty all but a few days worth if I'm lucky . So the pressure is on as I may have to start test snipping and quick drying. 

Cheers mate



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Right here we go again , 10 weeks since I flipped I swear by the power of grey skull lol. 

Another week of half feed and you see the Green Crack is now showing bits of purple on the leaves. 



Still no real substance to the buds yet either, and still quite small. 

This next week its plain water to see if these buds will fatten and use up all the green in their leaves. 



Green Crack looking yellow, em Dog still quite green. 



Em dog on the left , Green crack on the right. 



I expect with air temps in here around 14 at the moment a bit of purpling would happen if it was in the plant. 



All the buds look weird to me under this cmh light. I hardly recognise anything regarding bud shape. 



I just pray that the fuckers finish with some density to the buds. 




Very sticky and smelly in the room I have to say. Probably more so than just hps. 



Still got a few weeks of swelling to do for me. 




It worries me slightly that the bud has brown pistils on it and hardly any size to the bud. She better keep going. 



Quality enough all over the shop but more bud development needed. 



So as I said they are on plain water now and I hope it is enough of a trigger to force these girls to bring it to an end. Looking close at the bud and its hairy as fuck ,just like led weed I have seen. 

Maybe I underestimated the 315 for my space and I shoulda had 2 of them ideally. 

Next time I run this cmh bulb it will be with a 600w hps on top of it for power and cmh for quality. 

Till I can afford another cmh and go again indoors , pure cmh 630w. 

Anyway over and out for another week, here is to warmer weather and hopefully some fattening of my buds and yellowing of my leaves. 



I'm pleased to say after 7 weeks trying to root her from the above plant at 3 weeks flowering. She has eventually put them out and just started growing. 

Green Crack from the flowering one. 



Very early days but she will run again indoors to see the best of her . Shame about the Em Dog clones but I will attempt to reveg the mother plant after harvest and get a clone off her in a few months. Like wise I wanna see the best of Em Dog away from the cold of this garage. 



Over and out for another week. 


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Here we go , 11 weeks flowering I make it . 

But we wont go there lol, so the Green Crack is looking like a purple crack at the moment. 

Purple Yellow and Green all over the gaff. 

Still skinny buds , but I have to say I'm beginning to see some fattening going on. 

They have been on plain water for a week now and I'm seeing the leave get slightly lighter. 




In the corner the Em Dog is getting there, no real yellowing yet. 



I cant deny the quality with this cmh, very very sticky everywhere . 



We have had decent temps the past week so I don't really know why I'm seeing so much purple? 

Could be as I suspect the air temp is lower with the cooler running bulb. 



I think if she does get to the end with big fat buds they wont half be pretty . 



At least the plants are using their stored reserves up and hopefully putting it onto the buds. 




Its a bloody mystery how long they will take to be done, to be honest. But I'm guessing a week to 10 days of plain water may just be enough, poss 2 weeks. 



Over and out for next week , 12 weeks flowering . 


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Going of the pictures brother they still look to have another 10 days to go. Your pulling some crazy colours and the bud development is looking good :yep:


I'll be checking in more regular my friend  :)


Thanks for the vertical update mate  :yep:


Kind regards 



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Here we go another week and I think I may now have sussed what has gone wrong with this grow, or flowering . 

After taking the pics of 12 weeks flowering I actually happened to be in there when the light was on and really started to have a look and pull things around. 

It shocked me how much cooler the bulb runs than a 400 and I had my cheek 2 or 3 inches from it and it wasn't too hot.  I think that is the whole problem, the 400 not only lit them but it warmed them as well and this bulb does no warming . So I can see the sweet spots if you like where it was the warmest and not. That's why ive never seen buds look like this because basically they have been spending their days cold and also the bulb has very little penetration into the canopy either. 

So I think this low temp and also low light levels for the space, in hindsight 2 315s would have been needed to be successful. 

So therefore the plant has been slow to do everything, like as often happens in veg , things slow right down. 

That is why ive seen the mad colours on the green crack because she is right in front of the air vent.

The Em dog on the left is right under the fan so she has also suffered from cold , ie small. 

But the trich development possibly has increased as everything is as sticky as fuck. 

The Green Crack colourful but very thin colas so far. 



Compared to the relatively green of the em dog. 



What bud there is will be of pure quality I don't doubt it, but the plant needed more light and warmth I feel. Them winter nights over the past 3 months and they missed the heat from a 400 that would have sustained them for at least 12 hours of lights on. 



Beautiful delicate sticky little buds, and plenty of em. 



I'm gonna give this room one more week of plain water and chop it no matter what. 

I was tempted to drop a 400 in there and be done with it a month ago but I wanted to test the cmh flowering power. yes siree bob they do run cooler than a 250w mh I would say. .



Mind you if I hadn't have fucked up with the lights then maybe I would never have known Green Crack can throw out these dark colours. 




I'm putting this last flowering in my garage down to experience and will be continuing in my loft with this Green Crack clone from the above Green crack plant taken from 3 weeks into flower. 

It took a while but she is just about to take off and I will continue her journey in my loft on the end of this thread to see the comparison with no bloody cold and a cmh backed up with 600watts of hps power. 




She is super rapid in veg and has around 3 months of veg ahead of her to get nice and big for me. 




The flowering one has one more week which I think will be 13 weeks. 

I have also been in and had a good defoil and pulled a lot of the plants off the back wall so they can be nearer the bulb and its limited warmth during the night. 

Whatever happens I'm gonna be smoking something . 

till the next 7 days


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Here we go one more week of plain water and still not a lot of weight has gone on .

I don't know exactly what went wrong but I'm calling time and chopping this grow. 





Very very sticky , just not a lot of weight to the buds. 




Also quite a lot of underdeveloped bud just a few inches into the canopy. 




Look mum no pots lol. 

All chopped out and the plants can sit there on the screen for a week, then possibly into brown bags for another week. 



The em dog still looked quite green in the end , never really finishing properly. 

I managed to get em dog out and up into the loft room with a bit of vegetation on her. Hopefully she will reveg and I will clone from her and run em dog again properly in good temps. 



Em dog defo suffered being right under the extraction fan , not so much as green crack because her pot was in the cold air intake. 

It will give me a good idea of how they both smoke 



Grow done , thank fuck. 

Very badly I must agree. 

Keep watching this space for more from Green Crack and Em dog as they run again , indoors. 




I will update with a smoke report of some kind when its dry. Some bud shots perhaps.

I just wanna get this lot smoked to be honest and concentrate on proper vertical loft growing. 

over and out


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Posted (edited)

Im going to say the main issue was not enough lumens/light fkr the ammount of foliage created by these strain.


You might not have got huge buds/flowers the colours you got are stunning and the buds produced will be some of the best quality you have smoked..


Now we know with the plant numbers and strain more light is needed to get your room operating at its maximum potential  ;)


Happy harvesting my friend and thanks for this crazy vertical adventure  ;)


Looking forward to your thoughts on this strain once fully dry and cured of course  :yep:


Kind regards 



Edited by HSO-Mark
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