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This one is for the haze lovers out there. Delahaze is a plant that provides something for the haze aficionado, owing to its fruity citrus taste. Not to mention, this strain will have you grinning from ear to ear, due to its big yields and its early finishes. 


Known as The Producer… Big and powerful, Delahaze, our multi award-winning strain, has it all! We have combined the very best of the Haze in a plant with high yields and an early finish to produce a super plant.


Indoor growers will salivate at the possibility of a Haze strain that is relatively quick to flower (9 weeks) and comes packing a potent punch that is will not be easy to forget. This plant will not grow out of control as long as induced to flower within the first weeks of vegetative. On average this plant will only take 9 weeks, although we recommend taking one extra week of flowering in order to unlock the full wonders of its fine citrus/Haze bouquet.


Outdoors, this award-winning plant is well established on the continents of America and Europe. Its lineage brings a big harvest with an early finish. Big top, side colas and a high calyx-to-leaf ratio promote the healthy yield of this strain and a particular characteristic of this plant is the spiralling upwards of its buds, thanks to its unique chemotype.



                                                                                                                         AWARD WINNER:

THC: ****                                                                                                         1st. Copa El Copo - Colombia 2017 (Sativa Category)

CBD: *                                                                                                              1st. Copa Del Rey Bogota - Colombia 2015 (Outdoor)

Ratio: 30% Indica 70% Sativa                                                                             1st.  Treating Yourself Medical Cannabis Cup Canada 2011 (Sativa Category)                                                           

Indoor flowering time: 63 - 70 days

Effect/buzz:  Creeping head high, clear and active, no panic.

Smell/taste:  Combination of the sweet mango or citrus with dominant typical haze taste.





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Hiya to you...

 DelaHaze, one of my all time favourite plants!

 Flowered under 315w of CMH which really showed off it's qualities...






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i grew delahaze for over a year, most phenos are huge yielders. Managed as much as 25oz under 600w


But times have changed and there's much better strains available now.

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