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TALKING POINT: Do you think that cannabis should be legalised?

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TALKING POINT: Do you think that cannabis should be legalised?


THIS week we reported on Newport MP Paul Flynn taking the fight to legalise cannabis to Parliament.

Speaking in the House of Commons, he told legalising cannabis for medicinal purposes would reduce the drug’s side effects.


There has already been a significant response from our readers on both the South Wales Argus website and Facebook page.

Here is what they had to say:

For a change I believe he is right, cannabis should be available for controlled medicinal purposes and more research done into it’s use against cancer.


Its criminal it’s not legalised. It’s a life saver when it comes to epilepsy.

How prescription drugs which don’t work fully and have horrendous side effects can be used over something as effective as CBD or THC which has a very high percentage of stopping seizures altogether and doesn’t have the life debilitating side effects is truly corrupt.


Really livid

There are plenty of excellent drugs available free on prescription to effectively treat chronic pain.

Why is Mr Flynn still so hell bent on opening up a can of worms which will be associated with legalising cannabis?

He is very wrong to even try to do this.



They should legalise all drugs. People will always find a way to get them anyway. If they were all legal then they impurities could be monitored so they wouldn’t be cut with drain cleaner etc.

Plus the government would get vital tax money which would undoubtedly be put to better use than lining some drug pushers pocket.

Jim Kirk

Can’t help but think there might be some more important issues locally he could be raising rather than just a publicity stunt???



I agree it has many benefits that I’ve seen first hand for myself in many situations its a massive pain relief it also helps with the nervous system and spasms best thing they could do is follow suit with America on this.


Ceri Batty

This is where I’m confused, if it’s for medical purposes, can’t it be prescribed? I mean, what are we saying when we are asking for it to be made legal? Sold next to the paracetamol on the shelf? Or next to the apples and plums in Sainsbury’s?


Michael Stuart

Offering alternative medicines such as cannabis would eat into the profits of the mammoth pharmaceutical companies.

With so many pensions, investments etc having stakes in these companies, politicians and like are no doubt concerned about the knock on effect of that. Whilst I would agree to cannabis potentially being legalised for medical purposes, I think its a very small chance it will happen.

That’s that

I’m against, It is defeatist and the case for ‘medicinal purposes’ gets zeroed because ‘clean’ cannabis and research into clinical value gets ignored because of the street distribution where no-one has any idea what is in it.





If clinical research shows that harmful (But pain killing content), needs to be removed first, then all we do is legalise crap and the MS sufferers campaigning for legalisation still won’t use it.

Alarmingly what we then saw were demands to legalise Heroin and all sorts.

This is what you get when calls for legalisation because ‘we cannot control it anyway’ gets street cred.

We just have to keep attacking drug pushers because once something gets legalised it loses value to them, so they invent harder drugs.

We want death sentences for distributors, and long term jail sentences for pushers.


Or face a nation of its head half the time.


Cannabis should be made legal for medical purposes it is curing cancer see Darren Steven Miller, helping Parkinson patients talk and control tremors see ride with Larry.


Yes totally. As someone living with chronic pain and tried all meds that don’t work, life is very debilitating.

Claire Leeson

I’m still yet to find a valid reason for it to have been banned in the first place, because of its ban, we now have “so called legal highs” which are far more dangerous than the cannabis it was designed to mimic!

David Hoare

The argument for this will be dragged on for years and opportunities and lives lost in the meantime.

Action for change is always at a snail’s pace with our current political rabble.... we should be leading an example rather than twiddling thumbs.

Yes we should legalise it. Yes it should be produced and sold by people who strive for quality and it should be taxed.

Educating people of the abuse of this medicine should also be top of the agenda.

No more scare tactics. Get it in the labs and find out exactly what we can achieve with this product.







Its Voting time Folks 


Do you think cannabis should be legalised?

Yes 75%
No 25%
Votes cast: 121






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Image result for johnny tightlips simpsons I AIN'T SAYING NOTHING

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just been reading some of the comments at the bottom of the argus page .....   WTF?   obviously   theres a whole load of people who deem drugs as drugs ... and put cannabis in the same boat as heroin, crack,  etc .....   why dont these people actually  get educated by getting  on the  net and actually read up on  the thousands of people in pain ,,   suffering  etc  that cannabis has actually  helped and healed ? before spouting  out about  something they obviously have no information,  and no REAL knowledge  about !

i used to think it was a bad thing ... if i tried it i would get addicted and  spaz out etc etc ....   a few hours research however has changed my mind for life .... the healing benefits of this plant are astounding ....  yet people STILL   shout it down whilst they pop to their doctors  for  their medication that probably contains  chemicals that will  damage their  bodys for life .....

no one has EVER died of  cannabis overdose .... how many killed a year in  drink related incidents ... fights.... drunk drivers etc etc ? yet alcahol is legal .... how many hundreds of thousands of pounds wasted  by pissheads  going to hospital due to fights car crashes,  etc   that are drink related , not to mention the  many many hours wasted by police due to   friday and saturday night drunken brawls ?   how many  fights in pubs due to someone having a  smoke to chill out ?  ,,, hmmmm  i see a pattern  forming here ....

just about answers  the question dosent it !!!!

americas jumped on the bandwaggon  by legalising it and are making billions of dollars in tax from helping people who are suffering ....  its a win win  situation ffs .... are these polititions too  fekin dumb to understand they can  help pain .... help suffering ....  give people a better  quality of life ..... AND  make millions doing it ??

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Of course cannabis shouldn't be legalised.

It should be de-stigmatised and treated like any other plant.

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Of course it should be legalised. 

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Yes, of course.

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In  a perfect world - it would be classed alongside the tomato plant, as just that, a plant - if you want to buy it from an outlet then cool, or if you want to grow it yourself, so be it.

I imagine in Britain it will be passed for medical use sooner or later, outside of that it will will always be illegal on the face of things but the policy on enforcement will be relaxed except for big organized crime rings and commercial growers.
Britain is a one off, in that its run by wealthy toff pricks, all in the same rich club, with no real grasp reality, and bleeding the country dry. At the top of the food chain is a granny, so out of touch its frightening - standing devout that weed is evil and holds no benefit to people what so ever. 
What chance do we have.
To live free is an illusion - so we do what we do and we grow it and smoke it anyway, and we live free, until the police swoop anyway lol


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It is legal.


Cheers :smokin:

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28 minutes ago, Hiphip said:

It is legal.




(Patience Hip mate, someone will have a nibble)



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3 hours ago, bongme said:

he told legalising cannabis for medicinal purposes would reduce the drug’s side effects.


the side effects are its medical properties :unsure:

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I used to think legalising it was the way forward for years until I commented on it here on uk420 and had my eyes opened. Shit Cypress Hill had a crappy song called 'legalize it', I always thought it must be a good solution! Ive started seeing why government "regulation" of cannabis is guff though. 1 big issue is growers would still get put in jail which is just wrong, licences, tax, potency... Anywat it's extremely unlikely our tory government would ever change current cannabis laws apart from make them more severe.

I believe we should all have the freedom to grow and consume any of earths plants as we choose. Live our lives as we want to without harming anyone else.

I think any drug should be allowed. Quite like how the Green party accept that recreational drug use will never stop and how the war on drugs is a lost cause. Although they still want to control drugs by targeting police resources on large scale importers which still won't ever stop it getting here. ✌

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also they change their laws constantly


in colorado you could have up to 600 plants/6 patients 99 plants each i think under the carers license 


but that got changed the other day to you only being aloud 12 on the go at any one time?



Colorado Moves to Limit Home-Grown Marijuana

Colorado is moving toward limiting growing marijuana at home under a bill that sets a max of 12 plants per residential property.



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Aye we all know why a 'limit' would come into effect... licenses = $$$ = rich man benefit/poor man loss :yep: kerching! :soap: 

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It's already legal...You're just not allowed to possess or cultivate it! 

Restrictions on possession and the cultivation need lifting first of all and then the UK police force need to forget that Skunk ever existed and treat cannabis like just another herb. Normalise and realise! 

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Id still smoke it illegal, or legal to be honest.


To think though, that it can aid those with what I would call a right pain in the ass lifestyle, or bastard of an event, and help them fight it out is a bit cruel really imo.


if it helps. let it help is my view


I'm of to find out who the fu%×er was that banned it because I'm sure I read it was legal here till 1973 









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