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Father-of-two is stunned to find wine, 'MDMA' and cannabis in a courtesy car 'belonging to a young female sales executive' after taking his vehicle for a service at a Vauxhall dealership

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Going through the bags is one thing but fucking grassing is just taking the piss to a whole different level imho. We can all be a bit curious sometimes really, come on you're lying if you deny it lol. I'd have took a joint, left bag open, (maybe left my number) and on way back home after returning the car tell her I'm off home for a smoke lol

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So he had a courtesy car which was actually someone's personal vehicle which was lent with good intentions and the knob that borrowed it thought it would be a good idea to have a snoop around the vehicle, search two handbags which weren't his to look through and repay the the woman's generosity by dropping her in the shit and contacting the local shit rag to make her look bad.. I'm afraid Russell Page but it's you that looks bad imo coz you can't be trusted mate.. Do you always look in other people's property?  Sneaky bast!

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