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Opinions on my Trichomes please



Posted in Harvesting section, but doesn't seem to get much activity in there so posting in here.


Couple of plants i have near the chop (i think) first grow.  So looking to see what others think please


First Picture is of my blue cheese, Can't decide if clear or cloudy, but think cloudy?


2nd picture is amnesia haze, which looks about there to me? Some amber







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A pic of the whole plant would be helpful mate

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Are you able to include more trichome pictures?

And magnify/get closer?


I'd agree that there are couple of ambers on the haze photo, but if I was considering chopping a plant, I'd want to be sure that the trichomes across the plant, in various sites were showing me that it was ready.


Although I'm still on with my first proper grow, I can say that I saw one or two amber trichomes before the whole plant was ready. And indeed I still had a good few clears while other parts of the plant had an occasional amber.


For this part of the grow, more data=better decisons!


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It's a matter of personal opinion I'd say,  I only grow Amnesia Haze.  I like to harvest mine when most of the trics are cloudy, I've found when there are lots of ambers it give u more of a couch-potato high than the nice euphoric head high I love.


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