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Green Pickle

6″ or 8″ fan dilemma for small tent

Hey guys, first post here.
I`ve been amassing bits of kit for a lil while now. Now the time has come to get an extraction fan, and its bit difficult as there are no reviews and specifications are really vague most of the time.
The only thing making noise in that tent will be fans, as light is passively cooled. So I would really like an inline fan to be purring like a little kitten, so the whole setup can be really silent.

Honestly, i think 8" would be way too much as I need around 100m3/h of airflow (and slowing down 8" to 10% I think is impossible on AC fans), so most of 6" silent fans are around 500 so I could run it on 20% with a fan controller.

Question is would that be enough negative pressure to force air through the filter?? And any advice on fan would be fan

Tent: 120x60x180 (cm)

Done some dry runs temps are around 32C


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just for your information, the lowest you can lower a inline fan is 40% power, the reason being is that any lower then the fan will stop,

you also need a minimum amount of air flow to cool down the fan's internal motor, as for what size of fan to get, I'd go with either a 5" L1 ruck fan which move's 350m3,

so at 40% power it'll shift about 120m3, the reason it's not higher at 40% is due to the air drag effect of air being pulled through the carbon, you can lose up to 15-20%

efficency,also, if your going to get a decent fan controller, you need a controller that's transformer based, your talking £75 for a 5 step voltage controller.


if you go for a 6" fan, a 6" A1 fan shift's 420m3 & a 6" L1 fan shift's 700 m3.

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I have a tent that size and i used a 6" hyper fan stealth on low and its silent. Still had planty of head room too even with a big filter.

tried a 4" rvk and it was to noisy and 5"td silent but my arse has more power than them shitty fans.




E2a my tents only 160cm tall so should be fine with yours.

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When I said fan need to shift 100m3/h that was already with filter resistance. Without it comes to 77 or something like that. 
Spoke with few Hydro shops and they told me that some fans can run on 30% or if you go with really expensive EC version you can go very low - that what they told me. It kind of sucks if I spend like 500quid to find out my setup might not work, and return policy isn't that grate also (once opened you are kind of done)


Just sprouted

I was looking at Phresh Hyper fan also as it comes with a controller(!!) or REVOLUTION STRATOS SILENCED but that needs controller so extra cost. Looked also at ISO boxes or some silly ideas like having a tornado or Gekko box outside the tent. 
Whats the speed you running it if you don't mind me asking, as you guys give contradicting facts

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before you rush off & spend money, can I just ask whats the power draw of your led panel ?

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Why so fixed on to 100m3/h draw pulling more will only help the plants good 6" and step controller sorted :george:

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The panel is 200W, and I'm not fixed on 100m3 but that's what the math for the tent says that's all.

I will need to tinker with it anyway to get the temps etc right

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