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Right Wing UK Cannabis Activist Coughs Up $47K In Legal Fees

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A classic case of karma. 

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3 hours ago, ratdog said:

Who was the female blogger he gave a hard time too, on word press wasn`t she? 


Sarah McCulloch, a young Jewish bloger who he described as a genetically modified half woman/ half weirwolf, because she took exception to his bigoted blogs. 



He tired (unsuccessfully) to sue her too. Sarah couldn't afford legal representation so she made her own defence; I shared my barristers defence with her to help her, in fact, her defence was so good, my barrister nicked bits of it. Peter picked on the wrong girl that time. It still caused her a load of stress and she had to postpone her Masters degree because of the vexatious litigations of that madman. 

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added a bit
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lol What a thundercunt.


Was always out to line his own pockets, no doubt made more than enough from people he duped on facebook for donations/membership fees to cover it anyway (though probably has spent most of that on booze coke and prostitutes already).


Id call him a sociopath if it wasn't an insult to the intelligence of sociopaths.

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wasn't he linked to a pharmaceutical company in the states too

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The Ivy with a supermodel? :unsure:


I cant see him getting in, unless he brings one. lol

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