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Sweet Nurse Auto CBD

Hi all,
I'm about to start my first grow and I got some seeds of Sweet Nurse Auto CBD (5-10% THC/10-15% CBD).

I found this lovely time lapse on youtube that rose some questions.
(The uploader seemed to left the plants alone with no topping and/or LST. Also the website where I got the seeds from states harvest 8 weeks from germination)

  • Am I wrong saying that this strain needs no topping, LSTing or scrogging? You just put the seed and let it grow? (or, due to the fast flower/harvest, when would it be the best time to top/lLST?)
  • Also, as it's an auto strain there's really no need to change the light cycle right? So, in theory, it could stay in the same tent with slower growing strains which would be still in veg (18/6 light cycle) while it already flowers?
  • Finally, last but not least, I'd like to go as "organic" as possible, avoiding chemical nutes (even because they require flushing and water is kind of an issue on the island where I leave). I do make my own compost (coffee ground, tea leaves, egg shells and all the veg waste from salad, greens, fruit etc...), would you use it when potting? What else you suggest to use as an aid?

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Autos dont normally require anything except a big enough pot , and 18/6 or more light (I do 24/0) all the way through , perhaps cutting down light the final week before harvest , but not essential .. and light organic nutes 
I dont think coffee grinds and tea leaves will make good compost , not sure what the flora / fauna is on the island you live on but well rotted nettles , mint , vegetable peels etc ... but make sure the composting has 'reacted' properly before using it , then spread it out on a tray or something and turn it with a fork for a week or two , let the air get to it .. dry it , then pot .. otherwise just ship in some medium :spliff:

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I think most growers avoid topping auto's as the time it takes the plant to recover can affect the yield, they tie down the tallest bud sites to encourage the others to grow towards the light. 

I want to try this sweet nurse cbd strain, i just popped a Stresskiller cbd auto that Im keen to try also

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