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DIY Aeroponics DTW

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Hi there!

I'm  still gettin bits and pieces together, and its coming along nicely now.. i think :unsure:

As Geo stated, one solenoid per nozzle is the way in my case. Bete PJ15 with 1/8 BSPT in SS316 is my choice of nozzles (4 delivered).

Will have to thread the solenoids myself when they'll get delivered (have the bits for it ready).

Progress so far:

Got my tank ready with DIY 100mesh filter on the outlet. 

Set the pump and pressure switch to work in 80-110psi region.

Build day/night "feed times controller" 

Tested one of the leaking nozzle/solenoid assembley's (f****g wet)

Root chambers still need some attention with building "root support" inch from the bottom. Any ideas?

I know i'm slow, but i'm trying my best!

Have a good weekend everyone!:hippy:


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Pictures will follow.... soon

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I look forward to seeing your set up.



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Some almost finished bits...



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i have no experiance with aeroponics other than a little clone station with a sprinkler in the middle!

i hope you get the most explosive growth ever seen.

@Geo seems to be a very knowledgeable chap.

good luck

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How's this project coming along?


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I was looking into turning an amazon system into a true aero system....just got abit confusing for me but the amazon system would be great for it I reckon

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Been there done that ;) Fun project but you will have to modifiy everything including the root chamber because its nowhere near deep enough as standard.





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! Hi there! 

I do apologize for disappearing! 

The project hasn't been abandoned :)

Just hadn't had time doing million of other things.

Alrighty. I'm done setting up the system itself and everything working just fine technically. 

 There is some things I'm not happy about. 

When I tried to clone in the new system it just didn't work... maybe heat, maybe lack of mist. So I tried to use a tiny rockwool cube to keep the moisture at the cut. That worked fine and I had a nice white roots coming out in couple of days, then it sort of started drying out and I was afraid that I have pythium in the root zone.:wallbash:

So I just put those clones into the DWC cloner and let them grow nicely till the roots got about 200mm. Same time I ran aero system with loads of bleach.

 After transferring them back in I was hoping to see some fluffy roots appears but instead I've seen a loads of fishbone structured white healthy roots grow. That with following settings:

Time on 1sec

Time off 5min

Feed 0.4 EC , pH 5.8

Roots are doing fine but the canopy is in trouble. 

To me roots looking wet all the time. Even when I set the times to 0.5s ON / 8min OFF

I believe the bete nozzles putting out too big of a droplets.

I'm going to try different nozzles as soon as they delivered.


Now I will try to upload some pictures....

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Can only upload couple root pictures...


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