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Multi Strain HSO Grow

I have been planning my next multi strain grow and I have decided to choose some longer flowering strains from Seedism, Dinafem and Humboldt and I will be flowering them for 10 to 11 weeks.


I am currently halfway through my current multi strain grow which is mixture of seed plants and cuts, this time around I am going to do a mainly seed plant grow and will be using feminised seeds, I usually have some regs on the go as well but this winter I want to try and get 3 grows in so I chose fems just to keep the numbers down a bit.


In this diary I will be documenting the HSO plants only and after doing a bit of reading up on some freebie seeds I have acquired over the years I have chosen Amhurst Sour Diesel, Blue Dream and Chemdawg.




They will be grown as part of a 9 plant multistrain grow along with BLZ Bud, Cheesewreck, Dinachem, Strawberry Amnesia and Moby Dick. There will be one cut in the grow, Sannies Sugar Punch.


Earlier on I popped them all into some water and will soak them for 6 hours and then I will plant them into some Plant Magic Compost in some small seedlings pots and put them in a prop in my propergation tent under T5 lights.


Hopefully when my current grow is done these will be ready to go. 



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Nice selection dude, good luck with it.:hippy:

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3 very popular HSO strains you have chosen to showcase :)


Thank you so much for showing your support in the new HSO support forum on UK420 by starting a diary this is really appreciated mate :) Thank you :)


As said 3 legendary strains and needless to say I'll be along for the ride and watching with interest :)


Thank you again for starting your diary and for taking the time out if your day to get it up and running :)


Until next time :bong:


Kind regards 



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