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Serious Kush

@Claude  Sorry for not doing a full diary yet life had some events etc, I still grew them out , decided to keep 2 as mums, i have some bud shots of plant one and plant two.. I also have some pics of Plant 1 and Plant 2 . I will try to keep a diary running in here for flowering these 2..  They are in 1.5 ltr pots irc, they where going to be mums but i stuck them in the flower space under a 150w Hans panel .. they vegged under 150w of grownorthenrns .. They have travelled to and from mine twice in veg lol , tenancy checks etc but now here.. No more checks for 5 years :smokin:.. So the plants are just hitting week 2 of 12/12 . They getting the usual 1 part Grow  flora nova by ghe. so this week they get 4 ml grow 4 ml bloom , i make it to 1.6ec.. Canna prof coco used ..


Plant 1 Serious Kush .... She been tied down and trained a bit




Plant 2 Serious Kush , Topped once irc, not as trained ...




Now for the buds, they quite a nice smoke, i will be keeping  maybe both we shall see.. Taste wise plant one is spicy and hard hitting , back of eyeballs sweat kind of thing. i pretty shit at reviews but i like it very much..

Plant 1 Bud 



Plant 2 I also like but i need to research it some more lol not had a whole day with it yet ..




So once again @Claude sorry for the delay , i hope you are keeping well...


That it for now till next time take it easy :oldtoker:

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nice result , typical Kush always slightly hungry ....if ya need a research assistant :spliff::)

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@Notarf looking great thanks for sharing- never tried Serious but on my wish list lol


The purple stems might be temp fluctuations - bring both temps closer by adding heat during lights off and venting - My 2 cents worth :)


Grow on :yinyang:



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Gutted to see this Hermied as the advert nearly tempted me.was just waiting for a few reports before I purchased.

It seems serious still haven't nailed the feminizing thing yet.

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As it goes i was lucky with plant 2 .. As i stated they got moved twice in veg, and the flower tent also got moved, things like this cause me and the plants much stress.. Plant 2 seems to be 1 or 2 buds that hermie , the other thing is i not find many seeds yet , maybe i do some other bud shots just to show..This is why i run the clone again to see if it the plant or the fact they got moved about... @growzee  cheers for your input ,my temps are 24c light off at bottom  and 29 up top lights on so i doubt it temp swing, it also the only one showing that out of 8 others in the space... What you dont know is i underfed in veg then in stretch, i also then used GROW for 1st 4 weeks of flower lol was not my best effort ..Btw i was sent these seeds to do as i did diaries  before on my old acc was nuked by me.. 

Edited by Notarf

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Your doing well Notarf!!


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Used the Kush trim from both plants to do some sift . We have all seen the nanas on plant 2 so i expected to find seeds, i found only 2. So far also 2 in the buds i kept so not to bad imho .Anyway i will now try to show the stages of sifting.


Serious Kush Trim .




How it looked after 150 screen 1st pass ..




what was left on top of 150 screen ..




150 2nd pass 




150 1st and 2nd side by side 




what was left over 




On top of 135 screen 




Mixed together on top of 135 to go through 90 




Passive 90u , this is what naturally falls through no carding etc ..




what was left on top of screen 




Clean passive sift 90u in hand to press 




Pressed between thumb and palm for 30 sec, no heat or liquid added .




Carding through the 90 screen ..




Carded 90 u in hand to press same way as before ..




Pressed into this 




That it for now till next time take it easy .. :oldtoker:

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Wow nice!!

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Quick update from today , The been fed Grow and Bloom fora nova ghe @ ec 1.6 ph6.0 .. Temps and rh where they should be lights on and off.. under 250w hps and 150w hanspanel .. These are only in 1.5 ltr pots ..


Plant 1 serious Kush 




Plant 2 Serious Kush 




How canopy looks the serious are on far left, raised as in 1.5ltr pots 



Thats it for now till next time take it easy ... :oldtoker:

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Today they where fed at EC1.7 . PH 6.0 . They seem to be doing ok for such small pots lol ..temps r/h doing how they should be lights on and off ..


Plant 1 Serious Kush ..




Plant 2 Serious Kush ..




Side by side Serious Kush ..




Lit canopy, Serious Kush on far left ..




That it for now till next time take it easy ...:oldtoker:

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Looking quit nice, nice going!!

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Started a new diary now , should be able to finish them without unwanted hassles lol   The hermie was caused by me adding an inlet in cupboard next to veg tent inlet which was 24hr light well that’s what I recon 

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