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hydro advice for soil grower making the transition.....

Hello everyone!  Thanks to you for taking the time to read my post today :)


I'm an experienced soil grower who is getting increasingly tired of bug issues and just general soil hassles (at the moment i'm battling with some fungus gnats which are being a pain in the ass!).


I'd like to switch to hydro as it seems like a much more clean and clinical style which I think I'd prefer, also the talk of increased results always sounds good of course - I appreciate that there's no way to eliminate bugs 100% but would it be right to say that fungus gnats etc are less of an issue in a good hydro system due to the lack of soil presence etc?


So, I'm going to phase out my soil grows and move on to hydro, my current setup is:


viparspectra 300w LED

80x80x160 tent


I mostly autoflower as it's quick and easy and only for my own use


I'm thinking of purchasing the Oxypot 4 system - can anyone give me basic advice on how to get a grow started with one and point me in the right direction?  Is germination etc similar to my soil grows or are there other things I need to take into consideration?


Any and all advice very appreciated, thanks everyone!

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Hi bud, have a look at the bubblers thread pinned in hydro section, that will answer most of your questions......






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This is just my opinion so don't take it as gospel or anything, but DWC I feel is for the more experienced hydro grower as it tends to be quite hands on. Have you considered other types of hydro to get started? Coco is a good choice for new comers as its pretty simple and feels similar to soil but with the advantages of hydro. You will need a EC and pH pen, coco specific nutes and that's about it if you were to go with simple hand watering, you can also get a pump and setup a DIY dripper system pretty easily, either to begin with or after you've cut your teeth with hand watering.


I've grown using a few different hydro systems including DWC and while I like to change every so often to keep things interesting, coco with a homemade dripper system is my go to system, very easy to setup and operate and gives great results :yep: With a decade of growing in coco I can honestly say I've never seen a fungus gnat, infact the only insect problem I've had in coco is thrips which I've had perhaps 3 times over the years, that and springtails (which are harmless). Germination with coco is identical to that of soil, the only difference being you have a pot of coco rather than a pot of soil :) 

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Hi there,

I'm new to hydro myself so far pleased with results, you'll not look back when you get the hang of it.

As far as germination method, what worked for me on my first go was damp paper towel method (dampened with ph water)
and stuck it in the propagator, plugged it in and left it in the dark. Next day I had a tap root! :)
Put it in rookwool cube that was soaked for 24hrs in ph water and put it back in the prop for few days, once leaves opened up I put the whole prop under lights until few roots out the bottom of cube. Once roots showed I put it in a net pot (layer stones that were thoroughly washed in ph water then cube and fill in sides with more stones) and then the pot in my bucket with level about an inch below pot. The bubbles breaking on surface was enough to keep bottom of pot damp. In fact was enough to keep the whole lid of the bucket and sides of the net pot wet as well.

Only mistake I see that I made was that I only gave plain ph water when I first put it into the bucket. I thought this was what was done for first few weeks of growth but when it started to wilt and go pale I was left scratching my head. Checked and double checked everything to see what I'd done wrong. Then stumbled across a topic that said if using rookwool to feed from as soon as it goes into bucket. Gave them a 1/4 strength feed and they came around, a few days later they just exploded!

Hope this helps ;)

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Dwc is easy if you've got a ph and ec meter and keep it simple.

Ionic hydro grow and bloom for nutes and a grow diary so the helpfull peeps on here can keep you on the right track.

start off in rockwool cubes is best imo with Dwc.

I prefer hydro exactly because of the reasons you state,more 'clinical' and once you learn the ropes a bit the plants tell you what they want taking the guesswork of soil out of the equation.

Make the jump!!

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With only 1.6 m height I would be thinking more nft myself. Those oxypots are 40cm tall that combined with your hanging light and the distance you need to allow between light and plant your going to have small plants.

i am in a similar space and have pondered Dwc a few times but think I would have to make my own tub because of height restrictions.

good luck dude 


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your getting lots of good advice already mate, I like the look of the oxy pot but one thing to think about is how do you empty it when you got 4 plants in flower? personally I would start with nft, its simple, clean and you get nice results. I can just squeeze a NFT205 in my veg tent ;) you empty nft with the same pump you use to run the system :) best of luck

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I would take a slightly different approach. Ive done hydro for years, and the one thing about it is the fact that the yields will bowl you over if its done right.

Because of this, if you did 4 your tent would be bulging and there is a good chance that you will end ip with budrot issues, due to the RH from them.  I would use a single oxypot in you 0.8 square tent and scrog it.to keep the height down. I promiss you will end up with the same amount of bud as if you did 4 anyway, just with less greif.

To empty the system, get yourself a cheapo pump and put it in the bucket with a hose leading out to a receptacle. When you need to empty it, just flick the switch. Its easy enough to fill it from the top too.

I would also use the root it or root riot cubes, as the rockwool ones cause ph issues ime.. I knoe a lot of peeps use them, but why give yourself more problems?

Also make sure you have a decent airpump, the more air the merrier, and increased airflow reduces the  possibilities of res temp issues causing root rot.

Talking of res's, make sure you cover it with insulation of some sort to try keep the res temps in check (anywhere between 18-22 degrees)

A decent ph and ec pen, and you're sorted. Also don't use anything organic in the system, it will cause you problems in the long run, trust me.

And once you have finished your first  grow, come back and thank me :)


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